Friday, November 28, 2008

Stressed Much

there's nothing more i hate in this world than celebrating my birthday a day early..
oh wait, there's rain.and mud.

mum insisted that we celebrate my birthday a day early (today, nov. 29,2008) when i would REALLY prefer to celebrate it on the EXACT date (wc is tmrow). Mom knows for a fact that i hate it when they do that.
my birthday is a holiday. ergo, be it rain or shine, we won't have work nor class nationwide.. so why make it a day early?
well, since im optimistic to the point of being blind, at least, tomorrow, id get to spend my day with ryan only and we can prolly go to TGIF or VANILLE AGAIN.

We tried TGIF for the first time the other night. no wonder the place is always fully packed-the food is superb and the price is well, uh, i think what we paid was worth it. i had my tortilla coated fish with mexican rice plus unlim drinks while ryan had his jack daniel (hugeass) burger.
I LOVE THEIR BUFFALO WINGS. its sour and spicy and small and GAAAHHH!
pictures will be uploaded.XD soon.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

lack of faith

- i don't wanna rain on your parade. so i'd neither voice my doubts or caution you against relying on the predictions of a seer. it seemed unncecessarily cruel to tell you my own reactions to what you have experienced. being essentially without faith myself, i think it rather infra dig to mock your faith.

do ask your big questions, i presume they would be about life, death, and why only one sock got lost in the laundry

i love you dear.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Girls! Let's stop calling each other names shall we??

But i have to admit, you're a stupid cow too.

Oh i know you've been reading few of my entries, YOU'VE BEEN TAKING A LOOK AT THIS SITE, you and your friend.. I don't mind. really. Just make sure that next time, please keep what you're saying under wraps. I've got networks here in cebu that passes on news to me, plus, common sense that puts two and two together.. cause you're not gonna like it if i'm going to strike back.

this is your final warning.

oh, and by the way, did i tell you that i understand a bit of german,russian,norweigan and french to know if someone is actually backstabbing me? so please, don't give me that foreign language codes and cryptics. i'm using a language that the three of us could understand very well. if you've got issues to tell, tell me about it. DON'T BE SUCH A PUSSY that you have to tell your friend about it behind my back,cause eventually, i'd hear about it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a great life if you don't weaken

Last week, ive sounded like Macy Gray since my tonsil got swollen. Apart from my something-is-stuck-in-my-ass disposition, I got a one time big time fever.
how's that for my pre-bday celebration?
i know ryan is under pressure as to what he should give me for my beeday.
(i know, if i was ryan, id have skid marks till dec.1) i honestly don't know what i want. sure i want a lot of things but i dont know what i really want.
hey,i think i do. i wanna tambay sa fully booked bo's every day.
i'm actually looking forward to my saturday cause i'll be spending my whole day at fully booked, reading their openned marian keyes while waiting for ryan to fetch me there.
back to my sour disposition.
after swollen tonsils came 3 mouth sores on all the left side of my gums. I think, that God is actually testing my tenacity. although, for the life of me, i can't comprehend as to why he'd give me mouthsores instead of splinters, acne or better yet, another week of period.haha.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Horoscope for Today-Friday

Give someone a helping hand today, and you'll actually be helping yourself too!
One tiny detail is all that's standing between you and an early departure or major success -- but you find it difficult to clear it out of the way! It's vital to find a way to get past it, though.

~i like the early departure part. I think I know Where i'm off to. but i'm still trying to analyze as to what's that teeny weeny detail that's in my way. Proly it's my love for this company and the people i've worked with.

My Horoscope for today (Try not to get too caught up in the details today -- you will drive yourself crazy.
A friend or coworker is pushing you over the edge today -- even though you know perfectly well that they don't mean anything serious. Just take a deep breath and let them make a fool of themselves.

--now who would be stupid enough to push me to my limits ?i hope wala. cause im really really mean when i get pissed.

my horoscope for tomorrow (Aboitizland's Fam Day)
At a group event today, you're tuned into the big picture more than anyone else.
You need to be active with people today, even if you thought you had time to yourself. It's one of those days when it's just much more difficult for you to fly solo -- and you've got willing copilots!

--me thinks im going to have lots and lots of fun tomorrow at Pristina North (me+friends+coworkers+kids+POOL)

Ryan's Horoscope for today
When it comes to your finances, you can't rely only on advice from friends!
A friend calls with a wild suggestion -- but for once, you're not all that interested. You might still go along to be polite, but for the most part, you'd rather not get up to much craziness today!
--ryan, whatever this means,i know this is completely unrelated, but you'd better update your lost license.

ryan's horoscope for tomorrow (what is he gonna feel about my fam day?)
Your friendship means a lot to a blue friend. Make time to give them a call today.
Try not to get too stressed out about anything you're missing today -- all your most important gaps should be filled before night falls. Friends, family and good Samaritans are all there for you.
-me thinks this is marco/sandino. only god knows how marco is feeling undersexed and sandino is well, *secret post/rants here

Sunday, November 16, 2008


when was the last time you heard that word? prolly around 5 years plus AGO. my workmate randomly told us a story about american exchange students and hanging out with them and that word suddenly popped out.
for the life of me, i can't stop laughing or saying the word for 5 minutes or so. prolly cause that word right now is obsolete,AHA!and absurd..well, who would've thought of having textmates 10 years ago?honestly!


i had my random day reunion with my remaining shlerz here in cebu. Chic is going back to Singapore tomorrow (thanks for the bikini) and everyones js drifted on with their lives...(yours truly pud,THOUGH IM only gonna divulge as to what's my next step when i get "there"). Since ayala was "infested" (YES) with squirming babies, haggard parents and gold digger hoes, we looked for a place where we can eat, with class and privacy.
so we ate at le maison.
first off, the service was crappy. since we were the only yuppies who were eating there (other le maison patrons are old people and foreigners), it took them 5minutes to give us the menu.
id like to clarify the fact that yes, WE can afford le maison..but le maison cant afford us.
after checking in a private suite, i decided to take a bath again before going out. since we lack options (blame it on cebu)we decided to go clubbing at autoshop (i hafta admit, it was my first time there..blame it on me being biased)
OH I LOVE THEIR MUSIC! it's been so long since i heard Shakira and I js have to strut my boooooooty! so chic chic and i gave the ledge a go and yes! we ledge-danced for a few hours.
i so love saturdays..
we ended the night with us chilling at caltex with our cold coffee and promises to keep in touch and etc.
i ended the night watching tv at my suite and waking up to finish the world poker championship
anyone wanna play poker with me? :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

it's just as tough.....

can someone sponsor me 10k for my toastmaster's membership fee??

i attended one of the aboitizland's toastmaster's meeting last night and i had lots of fun. not only were they friendly, the whole meeting itself was full of contructive criticism and games that makes yours truly (a very willing guest), feel welcome (i sense a redundancy in here)
i'm looking forward to attending the next meeting again (assuming i'm still invited, AND assuming i'd still get away fr. paying 10k) haha.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

17 more days to go

and it's hey hey happy beeday to me. and since i'm turning 22, ive jotted down my uh, 22 year's worth of realizations

i realized that i am inclined to accept people at their face value, believing what they always tell me. i suppose, i had lived a sheltered existence, but during the past months, i had become intimately acquainted with what i guess you could call the underbelly of life. people did lie. they were not what they seemed, and they were capable to act irrationally, driven by passions they couldn't control. experiences were added evidence of how often the heart and glands overruled the mind and good sense. i suppose i should've learned all that in an earlier age but i hadn't. i think, im becoming wiser, more cynical, street-smart. something had been lost and something had been gained.

but if you asked me what the bottom line was, i couldn't have told you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


someone once told me that i have rage issues and that i should take a lesson about anger management.
i for one, have a very sunny disposition most of the time. i only get nasty when it rains, or when i don't like the person im talking with.. and believe me, i have standards. but when i like a person (wc i rarely do) i could be really really friendly, to the point of being annoying and really feeling close.

i hold grudges and plan for getting my revenge for the longest time possible..but usually, i am friendly. LOVE ME.

my mystery date and i went to teriyaki boy the other got me thinking on chinese take outs and dvd nights and chop stick fights.
hm......i could get used to those kind of nights..

Monday, November 10, 2008


this will be short, i'd like to correct the name of the boots i bought, i personally call them sloshers but they are actually called sugar boots.
updates later.
wish me luck on our internal audit later.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

i am ready, are you?

should i or should i not?
well, i dunno if a lot of people are actually reading my blog.BUT.
i think it's about time for me to announce that i started dating "HIM" again... eventhough a lot of people have been against it. and im sure as hell that his stalker (after reading this) would prolly rant to him how idiot he was that he is still seeing me after what i did.
i just hope that SHE'D ACTUALLY BE ASHAMED that in the end, after all the BAD THINGS SHE SAID ABOUT ME, WC TECHNICALLY, WAS MORE THAN I COULD SAY TO HER, "he" still loves me, ergo, in the end, you were the one who looked like an idiot (is it even more possible?wow)
this time, im not gonna mess things up.

im going to update this tomorrow. HE is waiting for me outside.. and by the way, as ive said to your boyfriend, he'd better not let me see you.
*its just really stupid to mess with me yknw.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

fettucini primavera

i love my family. now more than ever.
ive always felt that my family is a bit different from others, and far more boring. i have an overbearing dad and a mom who just doesn't to stop complaining (im being honest here)
but looking back, i realized that i'm really a lucky child to have a complete set of rents while everyone became resolute to the fact that their parents broke up or that they are in a broken family. my mum held on to my dad even though there are a lot of times that they fight over the most mundane and stupid issues.
over the years, ive developed a stand-offish relationship with my dad to avoid verbal arguments with him. it irritated the hell out of me when we have corny conversations cause he used to treat me like im still a 10 yr.old BEFORE.
now, i wanna take care of my dad. after having three mild strokes and still be considered healthy as a horse at the age of 56 (he claimes to be 53 for three times in a year now), i came to love him as a dear old dada and he's now used to me going out of the house any time i please.
i am sure that i won't be as productive as i am today if not for the both of my rents. so dada, with your upcoming beeday (get over it, ul be 56 this year) i wish you all the best and soon, i'll take u and mum on a trip to sing, this time, itll be the 3 of us.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SEX is dead. MONEY is the SEX of our time

having alot of moolah is love. i've been saving for quite some time now and i'm extremely happy cause i've been indulging myself ever since last week.

it all started with me buying a kimono dress fr., then Janeo silver flats at SM, a theatre movie marathon (my only you{I LIKE} and the house bunny).
and then i bought Honey's white wedges, had dinner with my mystery date at Sizzling Pepper Steak (The terraces, Ayala), watched The Strangers and last Sunday, My rents and my mystery date had another dinner at Gilligans.

And I BOUGHT THE MOST CHARMING SLOSHERS EVER!! i personally call em sloshers cause they look like they ought to be called sloshers, but they look like baby boy boots.
and i think i wanna buy another pair again.
photo at this linkie:

Monday, November 3, 2008

naghinumdum ko

hmm.. i keep on looking back on the times when i feel like i lived my life to the fullest, not because i feel emo, but i just feel like there's really nothing else to do.
yes, im bored. yawn. sue me.
since i got a free download of cake mania, bookworm and home decor, ive been busy playing these games.haha! i swear for the next few days i'm going to upload this with uh, not so fruitful stuff.
ive been lagging behind a few episodes of gossip girl and project runway. i miss my love,jeszha and a few other girlfriends that i neglected (hoi niadmit nako ha?)
im also crossing my fingers on chic2 coming back here (ok,c paul pud) so that i can re intro her on what partying REALLY is like.
update soon. cake mania awaits.
~~you see, memories have to hurt,especially the good ones..

Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 weeks ago

was the fever,cough,colds and only god knows what else season. everyone i know
is sick,taking a sick leave, busy getting well or maybe they were just hibernating

2 weeks ago was my klutz season. Aside fr. the fact that i bumped my head really hard (no hyperbole here)
on a bedpost that's made of narra, i scarred my lips while plugging my charger and since i od'ed on dulcolax(on my nth attempt
to lose weight) i've been having a bad case of lbm for 3 days. nope,im not dehydrated and yes, i'm still alive

i love halloween! (refer to my last year/early this year's entry) i like it more compared to christmas, and so far, this year's halloween was the best for me,
we had a company halloween "party"-whatever, and we invited edible (yes) kids to go trick or treat-ing here (in diff.departments)

photos @