Thursday, May 20, 2010


1. work
2. anything goes
3. try to go home early for the amazing race the day after
4. HDC SUMMER OUTING! @Costabella Beach Resort
5. Photo Op
6. will meet meemai's son for the first time
7. more photo op with cute

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Now where was I?

everyone is now feeling the finality of summer.
but it will be summer forever for me,
now where was i?

New Job!~ Marketing Assistant for Paseo Arcenas

APO CONCERT at Waterfront Cebu


..and Maynard's Gay Birthday Bash at The Lighthouse

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Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Elections

as per Jed, I'm back to being apolitical.
But this won't stop me from making a difference. As of today, I unofficially joined the BAGUMBAYAN Cebu volunteers. Our next project is to clean and take down Gordon Posters all over the city. To promote change, we are planning to have this recorded and sent to GMA.
Cebuanos, make a difference, don't forget to take out your candidate's posters and such.
Let's not wait for our candidate's initiative to do this one. :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh Patricia Evangelista, is Dick too much for you?

-a repost

Why Filipinos like Patricia Evangelista cannot handle Dick

THERE IS ONLY ONE GOOD REASON why a writer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer like Patricia Evangelista would write against presidential candidate Dick Gordon a week before the election. It’s because she is writing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. When someone takes pains to emphasize that she is not doing so just because she is working for, say, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, you have to agree, motives become quite suspect.

Obviously, Richard Gordon has impressed quite a number of people by his frankness — mainly those who are not afraid to hear the truth. Unfortunately, he has also turned off some –mainly onion-skinned people like Patricia Evangelista. Too bad for Dick Gordon, indeed, because the Philippine Daily Inquirer has a wide circulation and quite a number of loyal readers. Too bad for Dick Gordon too that a lot of Filipinos cannot handle the truth and tend to believe those who are writing for a supposedly “trustworthy” publication. Noynoy’s supporters must be jumping for joy at the moment.

In her article, Patricia Evangelista couldn’t agree more that Dick Gordon has an impressive resume. But she seems to be of the opinion that Dick Gordon is not a “humble” man. Other than that she said of Dick Gordon, “It is a waste of what would have made a good leader.” Her criteria for a president includes someone with a touch of “humility”. Well, I’ve got news for you Ms Evangelista: None of the presidential candidates are humble. The most boastful of them all is Noynoy Aquino himself. He recently made a statement saying “If the counting of the votes is accurate, we will be victorious.” In short if I lose, they cheated is Mr Aquino’s position on the matter. If you think that is a demonstration of humility, you need to go back to your Sunday School.

Patricia Evangelista must have been kidding herself when she suggested that you need to be humble to be a good president. I say and many others agree that there is very little place for humility when you are applying for the top job in the land. Nobody and I mean, nobody, downplays their ability to get the job done when they are being interviewed by a prospective employer. In fact, some people even exaggerate their resumes just to get their foot in the door. Why would a presidential candidate like Dick start being “humble” now? Evangelista needs to get real.

Patricia Evangelista is trying to shoot the messenger instead of analysing the message. Dick Gordon has every reason to complain about how the Liberal Party is abusing the survey results conducted by polling firms owned and operated by family and friends of Noynoy Aquino. The speed with which the publishes the results of the polls is quite suspicious. They also do not publish polls conducted by other polling firms to give their readers the freedom to analyse the data. Instead, they give their own interpretation and bombard people with messages that are really just different versions of “Noynoy is leading the polls.”

Patricia Evangelista is trying to cut an iconic man like Dick Gordon down to size. Dick Gordon is already an institution. He has done a lot for the country and Evangelista evidently knows it. Dick Gordon has never bullshited anyone in the past and he is not about to start now just to please people like Patricia Evangelista, someone who obviously doesn’t know what real politics is all about. Yes, Patricia Evangelista obviously doesn’t know how frustrating it is to deal with a biased media and an electorate who cannot think for themselves.

Filipinos like Patricia Evangelista will never understand why there is a need for someone like Dick Gordon to be frank. We here at encounter a lot of people like her. A lot of people say the bloggers here are “mayabang” for writing about the dysfunction of Philippine society. Like Dick Gordon, we don’t care what people think because we don’t owe anyone for their patronage. Like Dick Gordon, we don’t practice false humility because false humility gets us none other than another hundred years or more of oppression by members of the oligarchy.

Filipinos like Patricia Evangelista will never get Dick Gordon’s style because they want to live in a dreamland where the Washington Post’s description of the Philippines is not the reality at hand. She doesn’t see a need for the way Dick Gordon speaks with urgency and without much ado about pleasantries. Yes, Dick Gordon feels the need to be stressed because this is how the international community sees the situation in our country:

Politicians who win election in this former U.S. colony have one of the worst records in Southeast Asia for stiffing the poor, coddling the rich and indulging themselves, according to a mountain of data and a chorus of economists.

Bad governance has gone hand in glove with rising crime, a surge in political killing, stagnant foreign investment, and a restless search by tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and other highly skilled Filipinos for opportunity outside their homeland. About 1.7 million Filipino immigrants now live in the United States, the second-largest immigrant group, after Mexicans.

A weak central government has also provided an opening for Islamist extremists operating in the southern Philippines, where for eight years U.S. Special Forces have been training the Philippine military in guerrilla tactics.

Perhaps people like Patricia Evangelista would rather sip her latte al fresco and chatter in hushed tones about their latest purchases from the mall while the poor people of the Philippines continue to suffer from the mediocre output of their politicians and the dumbed-down products sold to them by corporations who are members of the oligarchy of which Noynoy Aquino is blissfully a part of.

My dad recently sent me list of insults made by famous people who shaped the world. I have to say, people like Patricia Evangelista should read the following to get a better appreciation of just how badly the Filipino people need someone like Dick Gordon.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


how things worked out tonight.

how can you expect me to trust you completely when you did what you just did?
how can you expect me to believe you now?

if you taught me one thing tonight, it's the fact that telling the truth is NOW optional.

dili man ta ko suicidal, pero this is seriously pushing me to the edge.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 22- A website

here's a screen-shot of

-as the website said, it's America's humor and video site since 1950-ish.
not only is it knowledgeable, it's also humorous, and importantly-ACCURATE