Friday, March 28, 2008

not confessions

new year resolutions are totally overrated. they are created by parents or those uber religious organizations who can't get their kids or younger siblings to go to mass.

new year resolutions are hopeless. for some of us anyway. i'm too cynic (perfect) to even think of changing myself. so yeah, i'm a bit conceited.

here and there..

i've been hearing alot of hush~hush about how confusing and irritating men are. irritating, yes, but i don't know about them being confusing at all. maybe men are confused but they are not confusing.

so subterfuge and manipulation are my usual methods. and men, by circumstance, are great targets. they are dense,nubile and easy to ask something from (or of?)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

take a hike

there's nothing more to perk me up early in the morning than a very interesting gossip.

i posted a previous blog here regarding the break up of my 2 friends (wherein which i thought that the guy was the one cheating?well, that piece of story came from the girl. when i knew about the guy's side. it was waaay entirely different,so basically, the guy was the one who was cheated on)

anyway, as of today something something, the girl has another bf and the guy,oh well, he's currently dating one of my hottest friends.. when the girl knew about this, she started texting the guy telling that she's never really over him and she wants him back.

it irritated the sh!t outta me. cause the guy's new gf is my very close friend.

gotta continue this letter.. a low-budget movie awaits

Sunday, March 23, 2008

and today

just like any other monthsarries, is a special day. i believe that falling in love is a human condition, without it, you're only living half of your life. and for the past... 1 year and 8 mos. (today!) i am inlove with him. and just him and no one else.

have to admit, it's a good feeling.. being in a world of lovers where you speak the language only 2 of you understand.. me guess that only the people who are inlove can understand this.

so yeah, Ryan Alfafara Salvador III, happy monthsarry to you too.. and sorry that i wasn't able to greet you on time like you always do. but i love you nonetheless. :P

Monday, March 17, 2008

On Janina San Miguel

With all the talk going on with what happened in the recent Bb. Pilipinas pageant, here's the host's (Paolo Bediones) take on the issue

I have received hundreds of texts, emails, and comments from people asking me my opinion on the recently concluded pageant. Here's my account of what happened and my view on the whole incident:

When I called Janina up to the front I warmed her up just like the rest of the candidates with a simple question to reveal more of their personality and hopefully remove any nervousness. I asked if she felt any pressure considering she had just recently won best in swimsuit and long gown - two major awards, to which she replied without batting an eyelash that she felt no pressure at the moment to which I quipped sincerely "Confident! Please choose a name of a judge!" the whole time thinking to myself we have a winner here. Then it began...

No need transcribing it here since Youtube has over 300,000 hits by now of that fateful incident that will forever etch Janina's name in pageant history. The poor kid was lost in her thoughts amidst the thousands upon thousands of people at the Araneta.

Was she deserving of the crown? Based on the criteria for judging and the process the SGV implemented the answer to that question is an emphatic yes. Beauty of face and figure comprised a total of 80% and remember she won both the long gown and swimsuit competition which leaves us with 20% to be divided evenly between personality and intelligence. Yes for this pageant 10% for intelligence was all that was allotted. So in other words no matter how badly she may have performed in the q and a, she couldnt have lost much considering she had a huge headstart in the scores. There was no back to zero, tabula rasa, clean slate either for any of the candidates in the top ten - it was a total carry over of scores. And in the final deliberation the candidates that ranked 5th and 4th go the 2nd and 1st runner up respectively. Candidate no. 8, an early favorite adorned with many special awards ranked 4th only .4 points behind the no.3 spot so close yet so far away from any of the titles.

So here's the PhP 65,786,981.91 question: What now for Janina? The candidate who gained notoriety by simply being herself, the candidate who was able to eclipse national issues by uttering a few gramatically incorrect phrases and sentences and the candidate who took home one of the coveted crowns? While many ridicule her and brand her undeserving I have but one thing to say: I admire her.

I admire her for not buckling under the pressure and simply giving up and handing me the microphone to go back to her position at the back with the rest of the semifinalists. I admire her for being as blatantly honest as possible. She wasnt pretending to be anything. Standing beside her on stage I could feel the sincerity she had to come up with a satisfactory answer despite the handicap she had in communicating effectively in english.

Did I feel sorry for her? Yes I did....Do I feel sorry for her now? NO...and I'll tell you why...I am so excited to see how God will pull her out of this.

Here is this 17 year old who had simple dreams of being a pageant contestant. At the tender age of 17 she is now experiencing so much persecution, judgment and oppression that adults many years her senior would have difficulty facing. It's so easy for us to say "we would have done better given the chance" but do we know for sure? Do we know what it feels like to be in front of thousands, watched by millions worldwide probably with the pressure knowing if we do well it could be the answer to lift our family out of its current economic state? Do we know what it feels like to be booed endlessly way after the pageant is over and the crown has been given? Do we know what it feels like to be talked about not just behind our backs but right in front of us as people pass judgment left and right with a little snicker or two attached to it? At 17 Janina now knows the can be cruel...but here's the good news for Janina: No matter how cruel life turns out to be at the moment

GOD IS GOOD PERIOD. One of my favorite verses can sum up what Janina has in store for hr in the very near future:

Rom 8:28

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose"

Notice it says in ALL things. Not just in the positive or good or encouraging but in ALL things- the good the bad and the ugly. God has this unbelievable way of turning a losing proposition into a winning opportunity. God can turn what seems to be our darkest day when we can't see any hope anymore into the brightest moment in our lives when He reveals how great He truly is. It's when we believe and trust in God that he does unbelievable things in our lives.

So Janina keep the faith and keep loving God and he will show you how good, pleasing and perfect His will is for you. One day I see you being an inspiration to those who have been measured and weighed yet come short in the eyes of man yet will be living proof
that in the eyes of GOD none of us come short and we are all favored because of His saving Grace. Train hard for the pageant, work on your skills and enhance your talents. I wish you luck on your journey. One day you will make God even more proud. Mabuhay ka Janina San Miguel.
taken from here

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I haven't been online for almost three days just because. I graduated this morning (f*c*i** finally) and celebrated lunch at Bigby's Cebu SM with my rents and friends, my boyfriend wasn't able to attend my grad cause ours ends at 12 and theirs would start 30 mins. after, so yeah, it was pathetic and kinda sad. I have a ./pif gift for him and it's a nailcutter since i noticed that he always asks me if i could bring mine the next time we see each other. my intention was to be funny and not to be discriminating. i'm gonna see my darling for dinner later at casino espanol and maybe we'll party the night away at loft or just chill at sbux or wherever.

so i have a lousy sense of humor

i checked my email a few mins. ago and i am semi-flattered that 2 jobs are being offered to me, one is to be one of the editors at OrionMedia and the other is to be a part of the plantation bay crew, although the OrionMedia's over is above average (15.2k-27.5k), i'm leaning more to the Plantation's offer even though i think their pay is going to be semi-crappy, but i'm after the benefits. one of their benefits is that you can have your friends stay overnight for free there plus one free meal. ain't that a lot of love??????????? and i don't even have to worry about transportation anymore since they have a shuttle which stops at fuente for employee pick-ups. and yes, it's free of charge.

Sides, i need at least 2gb worth of ram for my comp if i wanna pursue OrionMedia. so right now i'm calculating my expenses and thinking if i could somehow break even if i do buy one.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Holy Week at Bantayan- by request

the title is actually very misleading.

i'm not gonna spend my holy week at bantayan like any other people. which is actually by choice. given the chance, i'm sure my mom would concede since i just graduated and my rents have this notion that i can do anything i want with my life as long as i;m finished with school

but i just don't wanna go. not to be an anti-social or whatever (i'm actually not) but i'm sure as hell that other people would wanna jump at the chance to go there with their rents not caring one way or another.

holy week at bantayan is a waste of money (i'd rather spend my money on applying for jobs, which i will, rather than spend it on food there or whatever accomodations they might have no matter how cheap it is, i know i can spend my weekend there spending no more than 2k). and it's also a waste of time (which, i can spend by applying online on different jobs, different meaning i still dont know what to do with my life).

so yeah, i'd rather stay at home harassing my laptop and my nintendo ds rather than spend it somewhere where every one is.

i'm no groupie.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

on Gretchen Barreto

you either have to live on a cave or just a plain igno if you don't know here (unless you're not a filipino). Gretchen Barreto is the epitome of beauty and elegance here in the Philippines. and yes, it's self-proclaimed (we are all entitled to our own opinions, and my blog is all about mine). although some people say that she had major operations to enhance whatever she needs to, i dont care cause i find her beautiful. on issues regarding her right now, i admire her for being honest. it's a known fact that she can be tactless but she is living her life right now the way she wants it to be and it's such a pity that she's also a mistress.

setting aside my admiration, seriously, she has a bad voice. lol. i mean ,come on, you can be a good actress, i know you got expensive clothes and you have kick-ass stilletos, but a girl has to have limits. jesus, you just got yourself an album that would prolly sell thousands not cause you have a good voice, but cause they wanna see what's inside.

either way, you win..and i hate you already. lol