Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Four: Seven Fears and Phobias

3.Blood (from a wound)
4.Flood (I might get leptospyrosis)
5.Losing my make-up kit
6.Unknown sea!

Day Three: Eight things that annoy me

1. RAIN (doesn't matter how severe it is, as long as it's raining)
2. people who act like cool douchebags ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE (MY FACEBOOK PAGE!)
3. Dank-smelling CR
4. Ruffa Mae Quinto (She is annoying..and a thing.haha, sexy thing)
5. itchy lipstick
6. people who take up TOO MUCH space on public utility vehicles
7. taxi drivers who have the gall to have a fucked-up taxi meter
8. people who have smelly armpits..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day Two: 9 things I do everyday

1. Constantly check the phone
2. Go out of the house
3. Read a book before I go to sleep
4. Check my e-mails.
5. TAKE A BATH (i know a lot of people who don't do this everyday)
6. see the good things in every circumstance
7. soliloquy
8. check myself from head-to-toe
9. text my rents I LOVE YOU

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Random Things about Me

without explanation

2. Two phobias: Heights and Balloons.
3. I could eat ampalaya, okra and sitaw FOREVER!
4. I go deaf to my surroundings when I'm online
5. HATES TWILIGHT (and the series)
6. I love shoes!
7. hates jeans. When I'm not working, i go out wearing shorts.
8. currently obsessing about my blings
9. worrying about my weight (this is clearly justified)
10. I still hold mini-concerts in my room :p

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pit Senyor 2011!!

Pit Senyor si Akihiro kini!

Saturday Night: met up with the laagans again and partied the night away at The Penthouse.. highlight of the night was i just poked Akihiro Sato and just flipped my camera and took a shot.. too bad I wasn't able to get a pic of James Yap-he's hotter. seriously!

Parang kailan lang...

that she went to work in Singapore...and now she's back for another vacay again..
CHE, when ka muuli?
**this was taken at Kul Kitchen(i love the creamed ribs), were we had our reunion, we went to VUDU after for some partying..

Here comes the sun little darling...

after three weeks of NOT seeing the sun, it finally made it's graceful entrance just last Tuesday. I can finally resume with my laundry.. but moreover, since Kuya Glen is here already, we have to make plans to..


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Remember, Remember, the 25th of December

on the Christmas Day itself, I was at work at The Persimmon Mabolo (yeah, I was actually wearing THAT, I got away with it cause of the holidays. DONT SUE ME). Since it was quite boring, I decided to pose with the Badjaos who were singing and dancing by the door ;p

It's rare

for us to see each other as early as 7pm!haha, we only see each other when we want to party like hell at The Penthouse, but NEVERTHELESS, since, Xmas Season LAGE, we decided to eat out at Chika-An..


This came in as a surprise,no, really it did, thank you very much Tita Nellie! I hope I can touch your limited edition LONGCHAMP again!

10 Years of Friendship

and counting...
Since XMAS is a time for reunions, we decided to get together and reminisce our kabuangs waaay back 3rd year highschool. To be honest, it's not so difficult to communicate with each other nowadays with the technology available.
**taken at IT Park, and at Convenience 101.
I'm sure we'd have pictures for the 11th,12th and etc. more years to come!

It's not a secret

that I totally dote on my godson, Nino Dominic, Here is a not so updated pic of him at SM with his mom-and my colleague, Honey

What's a party...

without an after party diba? After our mini-party at Hotel Elizabeth, we decided to continue the fun at POD 5.
One can never understand HOW MUCH I LOVE TO SING. Although I have one of the most horrible voices in the whole island, it can never ever waver my confidence..and my passion for singing.. (again, i flaunted the eye makeup for this entry

I've got

a mighty hankering for this right now, and it's 11:20 in the evening

2nd XMAS Party

this was held at The Elizabeth Hotel, themed Masquerade, again, I did my own make-up (As seen from the pics below), found my gown again,at an another bazaar for only P250 pesos...decided to don my parisian boots since I was feeling rebellious at that moment...
Thank you Shantal for making my mask, and the uyab for attaching a chopstick at the sides. haha

The first XMAS Party

this was held at Radisson Blu, with Hollywood Glamour as our theme. I decided to dress up as a geisha from Memoirs of a Geisha. I did my own make-up and I straightened my hair on my own too :D
I bought the gown for only P150 at a bazaar, and my bling blings in Carbon. I totally danced the night away cause I felt comfortable with what I was wearing. haha. :D

CIRCA Nov 2010

personal entries will be resumed since I'm done with my 30-day emoticon challenge.
this was taken on the last day of me being 23. The uyab got his cam ready while I climbed on his mini table.
I SO LOVE THE SHOES, which, by the way, was his birthday gift to me.
If you could notice, I have those scars on both knees, the left one I got when I was in Grade 2 and running at a newly asphalted road. The right one I got the week after AT THE SAME PLACE. haha. how tanga can i get nagyud.

Day 30: :D Sinulog Finale

Taken at the rooftop of Montesclaros Dormitory while the Sinulog Party is going on.
-----Sandwiched between the uyab(left) and TABOR (his frat brother)

Day 29: X.X

Monday, January 17, 2011

In Lurve

with Lucy Hale's outfit here.. so kinopya ko. haha