Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've always been the confrontational kind

and I'm so not going to change just because of you.

kahibaw ka dai, ikaw jud ang papel to the highest level. I am so disgusted with your work ethics because GRABE kaayo ka ka plastic.
lapad na kaayo imung papel, nka consume nkag tibuok tree sa ka grabe nga papel imung na consume

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nobody really

likes Mondays.
or more specifically, Monday mornings.

Monday mornings welcome us to the REAL world. Which, either means we hafta work our ass of for the next 5 days or we have to start studying for the upcoming tests in within 5 days.
As much as you are predicting right now that I am different, I'm not.
I don't like Mondays too.
So I was going through my whining and mourning phases this morning when I received a text from the boyf.
It may not be life-altering to you but to me it is. He texted me a simple message saying he loves me.
And just like that, my Monday morning went a 180 degree turn. :)
it was an insanely good Monday morning and I hope this will be an insanely good week to you too :D

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Night and I am..

blogging. :D
no, i don't think i'll be too old for Saturday Dress-Up and Night-outs.
The past few days have been hectic-especially during office hours since I am trying to look busy with my new work now, and I man OUR online business shop at FB (Happy Finds).
So manning basically includes marketing (inviting a LOT of Cebuano buyers to our online shop) tagging and answering FAQs over and over again :D

so far, Happy Finds is doing good, the four of us have a lot of unique ideas as to how to pimp the store :) I'm crossing my fingers that it'll all come into reality in the RIGHT TIME.

Photoshoot for the pending clothes will be this Wednesday :)
wish us more more luck.
oh and yeah, to those curious, I'll be giving moral support to THE uyab while he's playing after this.
Enjoy your Saturday Night everyone!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fashion Bloggers Meet-Up at LOFT

2nd post (i like the happening much, no?haha)
From Gizelle Faye's Cam (www.gizellefaye.blogspot.com)

as what Gizelle said, LET'S do this again!

O Sige na nga, will post updated stuff :D

just this weekend. LOFT VUDU LOFT

Thanks Eden for the waived door fee :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

eons ago. LATE POST

Maribago Blue Waters with Chic and Dan, Let's Do this AGAIN! better yet, balik na dri chic!

Meet Baby Zachee- one of the most sweet tempered baby i've ever met.

Poker Night At Busay

Sunday, June 13, 2010

hello in photos

Arcenas Group of Companies Outing

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Night.. I didn't even get an answer

Last night was fun, thanks to the uyab :D

we met up at Ayala and I left him to do his Tekken while I went to Charles and Keith to say hello to my favorite black gladiator flats with silver studs. Unfortunately, the more I went there, the more I find the shoes that I so adore unappealing.
Frankly, I need a flat sandals, the Artwork silver flats that I have is outdated and my Le Donne can't be repaired anymore.
I went to TopShop and found those plastic flats that costs P795.
Not buying them. It's so meh.

Wilwayco's Residence- 7ish PM
Rap: Let's cook the remaining Lapu-Lapu
Nym: Oh yeah? naa pa diay nahabilin? Cge
Rap: yup, the biggest one, tangtanga ang himbis ha? and oo, do you wanna check out my mom's cam? :)
Nym: sure sure! :D

*So off we went upstairs-Rap to get his mom's cam, and I to take out the Lapu-Lapu's himbis.
Moral Lesson: the next time someone cooks a dish for you containing lapu-lapu, you MUST appreciate the cook.. Cleaning out the Lapu-Lapu is NOT EASY! (but hey, eating it is so worth it)
so he took a couple of pics of me "operating" on the Lapu-Lapu, what he forgot was to show me the pic.
oh, and poooowww uyab! his tummy got hit by the semi-boiling oi *kiss kiss

ate dinner at 9 in the evening, while watching The Big Bang Theory (for about... a gazillion times already) and checked out wing-chun :D

I am extremely interested to learn Wing-Chun, but my dad told me to take up arnis first, after I'm done with Arnis (feeler kaayo ko), I'll check out wing-chun.. after all, it's a women's sport.DAW.

Ip Man, Yip Chun, and Ip Ching-- I'll make you proud of me even though you won't know me. hurr hurr~~

on a more obvious note- I LOVE my APEEPO YES I DO!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


since i have such great love for clothes, me, my friends-iwi, cathy and jed decided to put up an online business in facebook.
Please add us up: Happy Finds

Up to date, we just had our pictorial last night!
here are sample pics, all of which are unedited, i'm showing these to you bloggers so that you could get a feel of our online shop and what we are selling

Thursday, June 3, 2010


cause i'm a loser that's why. haha~ but if i could buy something like this, i would risk my earholes looking bigger than usual

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


i've neglected you for almost two weeks and i'm so sorry! ♥
things have been uber hectic lately that i go home late (uh huh, right)
i'm also ashamed to say that i've been procrastinating to update this one too. i guess i was so into FB that i forgot about my blog--err, been trying.

anyway, what happened during the last two weeks?
well, i went into lotsa eat outs and ma-oys with Chic since she came back from SG, also, our photos from Maribago Blue Waters is something to look forward to (oi char)

also,yey! i survived on being away from THE uyab for 4 days. He has to go to Davao for his first time evarrr LBP General Assembly.
I think I should get used to this since he will be traveling now more than ever. :D

i've been trying to be optimistic about things, which is not exactly an easy thing to do since i feel so bloated right now-i blame it on PMS. :D
anyway-i'll update this... one way or another-SWEAR!