Friday, July 30, 2010

This Just In!

photos taken 15mins ago

I'm the one in yellow :D

Top: Lemon Yellow Long Sleeves Mossimo
Bottom: Denim Jeans NEXT
Footwear: Sugar boots (thrifted)--only bought this for P96!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

We ♥ Pizzeria Michaelangelo!

This resto has Nym's Seal of Approval..
Certified Nym's Favorite Resto na! now na!


Salmon Sashimi
Ebi Tempura


day 4. A letter to someone you want to kick in the face expressing why you want to kick them in the face

I don't feel any negative emotions right now,
I'll update this. i swear.. :D

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 3- A letter to a movie character

Dear Mary (From the There's Something about Mary),

"Mary: Is that... is that hair gel?"

When I die and given the chance, I could see my internment, I'd like my friends to think that I am somehow like you, a pocket-full of sunshine.



A few weeks ago, someone asked for my opinion about life in general. The person who asked me was someone who is physically abused by her husband. She told me she wants to ask me specifically how i perceive life and what should i do if i were in her place cause, to quote, "i want to hear what you have to say because you don't have angst towards life"
i took that as a compliment :) (obviously)

Well, that's a start of a good testament on my impending funeral. haha

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Writer Analyzer

:( googling who the guys is and his sample writings.
i took this from btw

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 2- A letter to a dinosaur

Dear Anserimimus

You were one of the skinniest dinosaurs ever existed.
Aside from the fact that you have an elegant neck (or torso, or whatever) you are also agile.
I plan to become like you, well not exactly to be a dinosaur, but be skinny and have an elegant neck.
I'll work on the agile part as of the moment.

Oh yeah, does anyone of you know where we could learn pole dancing here in Cebu City?

Why Can't I?

it's been two months since I last had my period.

this is actually a normal thing for me since aside from my mentality, my hormones are also haywired :)

but i honestly wish to god that i'd have my period already so that i'd lose some weight (yeah, losing a few lines happens to me after i bleed)
I am obsessive with my weight lately, so much so that I bought fitright tablets to make me lose weight.
and this one to coincide with THE tablets

-yes, i'm only allowed to eat soft foods or liquids for one week :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 1- A letter to an inanimate object that you hate

dear balloons,

For many years now, you've tormented me with your propensity to blow in the most unlikely parts of the human body (face, genitals{yes}, hair, boobs, etc)

Aside from the fact that I hate you, I am very scared of you. I don't want you near me, near the loved ones I'm with and near where I'm going.

It would really do me good if you are far far away=in a place where I can't see you.

Yours Truly,


I could really use an inspiration right now

like this..

Friday, July 9, 2010

now this challenge is more LINGAW!

Day 1. A letter to an inanimate object you hate.
day 2. A letter to a dinosaur.
day 3. A letter to a movie character
day 4. A letter to someone you want to kick in the face expressing why you want to kick them in the face
day 5. A letter to a celebrity you want to kick in the face
day 6. A HEARTFELT letter to some food
day 7. A letter to a historical event
day 8. A letter to a giant space robot
day 9. A letter to the coolest person you’ve never met
day 10. A letter to an alien race.
day 11. A letter to your last bowel movement
day 12. A letter to a mythological creature
day 13. A letter to a word you don’t like
day 14. A letter to a word you love
day 15. A letter to your crotch.
day 16. A letter to your bed
day 17. A letter to a video game character
day 18. A letter to a website that ruined your life
day 19. A letter to an animal you like
day 20. A letter to an animal you think is fucking stupid
day 21. A letter to something you’ve owned for 5 years+
day 22. A letter to something you want to fuck
day 23. A letter to the drug of your choice.
day 24. A letter to one of your bodyparts
day 25. A letter to Gary Busey
day 26. A letter to the future cyborg version of you
day 27. A letter to band that really needs to break up
day 28. A letter to a movie you hate
day 29. A letter to a letter you’ve written
day 30. A letter to a bowl of fruit

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Finds

the online vintage shop (refer to title) has been keeping me busy, and yes, this deviation is always welcome. :) We agreed to become models of our own stuff but the whole thing became bigger than expected. The details are all too anal but let's just say that we became the backstage people of the whole photo-shoot and we ended up welcoming volunteer models and photographers.

Here's a stolen shot of me trying to make-up iwi (my biz partner)

and of yours truly being well, her true self. :D

and here are my 3 closest friends (also co-founder of Happy Finds) , with me, being a wacko again

what I wore:
Top: See-Thru gypsie top (from momma)
Inside:Plain Black top (Mossimo)
Bottom: Mini-shorts (Cotton Candy-of Tweetums Alba)
Bag: Chanel (yes, that's an original sooo right there :D)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

1st outfit my knowledge

first outfit post :) I'm the one in the middle btw :D

what i'm wearing:
TOP: H&M (for 30 pesos in ukay only! so topshop-ish no?)
BOTTOM: denim skirt ( P75 pesos in ukay again!)


what goes around comes around.
don't even for a second think that di na mabalik nimo.
Hahai, I shouldv'e known,
pareha rajud mo tanan