Monday, May 26, 2008

to the death of my DoTA life

i've played DoTA for quite some time now (2 years to be exact, a very short life compared to my friends who practically quit school just to be very good at it. pathetic, i know), DoTA was with me when USC harassed me with their "it-don't-make-sense" requirements for graduation, hellish oral defense for practicum and only god knows what else.
and now that i'm working, as much as i like to play DoTA (out of habit), i just don't have the time to stop by gecube and play a game or two..
but with the death of my DoTA life comes the birth of TEKKEN 5/6. i am starting to love this game with a passion that could raise your heckles. ive been playing this game for almost 3 weeks at Ayala (months at ryan's ps2) and i could seriously say that i can kick steve's, daryl's and andre's (given the chance) at ayala. not to be hilas, but i've become quite a "thing" to be looked at. believe me, it's not everyday that they get to see a girl playing wearing a smart casual attire.
i totally look out of place there.. but i can quite say differently with the way my hands manipulate those joysticks and buttons.

so again, with the death of my dota life, the REbirth of TEKKEN 5/6 begins..
and the death of my money.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

lovely day!

Maybe it's time to laugh again, I heard someone say. I think he is right. It is indeed time to look at life from a perspective other than today's traffic report or the evening news. It is time to give the child within us permission to look at life and laugh again. It is time we realize that life was meant to be enjoyed, not endured. Remember how we once were when we were children? When everything we saw was fun and funny? And every new experience was a great adventure? That nobody could hurt us bad enough to make us want to sulk and mope all day? We'd snap out of it just as quickly as we finished off our fries. That we'd crouch on our knees to peer at a caterpillar in the bush? That an iced hand had every friend's tongue on it, too? Such generous and open hearts we had. Such time for wonder and adventure. Where did that all go now?when did everything get so serious? It's simple. At some point between that age of childhood and right now we lost it, because life has become a race to be responsible adults. I won't argue that because how else can we cope with life if we can't be responsible living it. But who says becoming a responsible adult means a long face and a boringly serious attitude toward life?true those touch times are upon us. The issues we all face are both serious and real. And in the world of reality, not everything is funny so most people would say. Are they saying then that we have no business laughing and enjoying life? And in the course of living a responsible life, we should sacrifice the ability to laugh and junk the gift of joy and look glum because we're adults? I hope they don't teach that in the classrooms or we will be having a planet of zombies. So who about we try it differently this time and put the smile back on our faces? It's time to laugh again. Even the Lord loves a cheerful heart. Let's take back what we have lost. See the world through childlike eyes with a mind always seeking new wonders and adventure, a heart always trusting and believing. Let's learn to enjoy once more a beautiful sunrise, the innocence and laughter of our children, the myriad colors of a rainbow, the pleasures of our friendships, the fun of surprises, and the assuring warmth and love of our families. Elt's get back the ability to seek out the good and to pluck out the hidden pearl of joy sprinkled down the road of our life in this crazy world. Let us once more learn to delight in these simple pleasures and so make ourselves a lovely day each day of our lives from now on.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

wow, with a linkie!

so much has happened since the last time i updated this. first off, with the hurricane of finding a job, i finally have one! and it's not in a call center (believe me, that's in a mocking tone). this is where i work:

i had the LAST slot for the 9TH position. so yeah, our department is now full. the pay is great for someone with a single status, the benefits are omg-this-is-too-good-to-be-true.
so i was supposed to process my requirements today, but it was raining and i hate rain so no matter how urgent this papers are, it just has to wait.. for a day. i'll be fully armed with mink coat and hugeass parka tomorrow to protect myself from rain.
cause im fragile like that.

i had my hair curled last thursday. it was supposed to look like Serena of Gossip Girls ( i showed a pic of her sa bayot in the salon) but it ended up like the softer hairdo version of Ana Fegi. i wasnt amused,and alot of my friends aint either.. but ill just have to make do with my hair right now.
i secretly like it eventhough it looks like it has been butchered and mutilated cause it suits my personality..and temperament.

streaming the latest episode of gossip girl right now so i decided to update this blog of mine (a few people have been reading this, yes..and some are true blue stalkers)
imma holla back editor is screaming for an article.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

busy busy bee

wednesday (yesterday) was a busy day for me that i just have to jot it down.

after my test at aboitiz, i met up with my girls (ella and eli) at caltex ma.luisa to pass resumes to just about any company we see that's hiring someone from our course (and qualifications). so after we passed at trinity insurance brokers (TEP bldg) we were given an interview asap. its really a small company, cause they are just intermediaries between the clients and the insurance company itself.

after the interview thingy, we went to mandaue to look for the meritz bldg. (ideal approach is there and they were also hiring) again, we passed our resumes and we will have our interview next wednesday. we somehow got lost at mandaue while looking for PHILCOPY since it's located at grand.arcade bldg (i dunno where it is).. well after being threatened by irate drivers (we were jaywalking, well f**k you very muchly too) we finally found the company, we went inside looking effin ugly cause we walked about a kilometer while we were looking for the exact bldg. (cause i kept on saying we are almost at that godforsaken place,we are actually not).
after passing our resume at philcopy, we got tired and went to ayala, luckily, we knew that commonwealth insurance is hiring a marketing staff at their company (located at cebu holdings bldg, right beside city sports), while we were inside the elevator, i saw my ex-carpool driver (driving us was actually his hobby, his wife owns another insurance company in cebu holdings) so we passed our resume there

around 5pm, ryan made apas to us at ayala, we watched the last full show of iron man (like it, not love)... around 11 we went to waterfront (martin nievera's concert, of course we can go in, cause IM THE PRESS (smug)) met up with ryans rents who also went there and ate at abuhan on the wee hours of the morning.

im waiting for aboitiz' holla back and ive got a test for trinity insurance brokers tomorrow. ive got a coffee meeting for crestpoint after lunch and only god knows what. ryans going to bantayan this weekend so ill prolly be in gecube the whole day. nesting and doing only god knows what