Friday, December 28, 2007

thought of the day

you are not actually shopping if you are just surfin through clothes and taking pictures.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Nya be kay Scrooge man jud ko...

i am online via ym 24/7.. thanks to sun.
i got lotsa textmates and chatmates last night. needless to say, i hafta keep charging my fone over and over again..i was tired since i had to make 2 batches of carbonara yesterday and i hafta entertain my mum's visitors and my dad's too. plus, i was out for how many hours chillaxing with my ryan bebe at eastwest eyes were so overused that i feel abit groggy. pigging out with every food i see is kinda useless..i have a bad case of flu and i cant smell and taste every food i wanna eat. GREAT. kani pajud na season. talking about irony..
so i wasn't really in a happy jolly mood yesterday. im not sure if it's the flu or it's the day. im not much of a christmas person. im an only child so even though we have noche buena, im not feeling it. last night, im pretty sure all the messages i will recieve will be uber delayed, SO, i slept the whole night.yes. i fell asleep around 8++ and woke up around 7 am. :) fell asleep despite the ear-boggling fire crackers (which i despise by the way) vs. sing-along around the neighborhood.
i ma not christmas' num one fan. i'd rather wait for new year..
by the way: thank you to the following people

mum- 2 sets of bra. eventhough it was the wrong size..sigh. i love you, and merry christmas!
ryan-for the soon to be belly-ring.gotcha.and my lawrence sanders book
stevieeeeew- for the choco chip cookies. :)
jason-for the havs.thanks. :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007


im very very tired. it must be the enormity of the holidays or random shopping moments. whatever the reason is, im very tired. i'm getting enough hours of sleep but i still wake up tired. i know i've been doing too much,too fast, too soon and i feel like im caught in the midst of a hurricane and there is nothing i can do about it. plus, my party animal cousin is about to arrive and im not quite ready for all the partyin he wants.and needs.
on the bright side...
i shopped for clothes!and i mean lotsa lotsa clothes! i am hoping this season it will be different from others. i can actually feel the happiness in the air!

shhh.. i know what's ryan gonna give me. he's actually pretty vocal about it. piffffft! a pentagram belly ring. *love

Friday, December 21, 2007


this is the first christmas holiday that i got the chutzpah to do christmas shopping.not for myself but for other people.hehe.
ironically, i kinda like buying things for other people. i prefer to recieve gifts than give one (don't we all?) but the face of the reciever when you give em the right gift is priceless..
i gave my goth friend Denise a black leather bracelet and i think she likes it lotsa because she's wearing it right now (and she's about to have a minor eye operation). since im still confused as to what stevie really likes, i just gave him a tribal necklace with a nipa hut pendant. haha! he said it's like an "agimat" or something to ward off evil spirits. i love evil. :) it really took me a long time to find the right thing that would make lor abit happy this christmas.i cant afford what she really wants and that's a new phone! so i just bought her a leSportSac purse.

noie, my bf's little sis, recieved a new sungka set from me.haha. since i know she's always bored when she can't go out or she has no class, i gave her something to keep her occupied for a few hours.. i gave pacman (bee ep's step brother) cheap-ass about, 2 hours, im sure it's waay beyond repair. but well, at least i gave him two hours of bliss,eh?
i gave my mum an aquamarine blue beaded blouse.. i don't know what to give to my dad! i asked him what he wants and he told me he has everything he needs(arrogant puss)

tomorrow im gonna give ryan's mum a Victoria's Secret Lotion

i'll holla back, gotta attend lalai's bday party first

Friday, December 14, 2007

currently listening to:

Maksim Mrvica: this guy is a genius. i know everyone knows him. i said this once a long time ago and i'll say it again, Maksim is waaaay beyond extraordinary. alot of people only know "the flight of the bumble bee" but i personally think "nostradamus" is more passionate. the flight.. gives you the feeling of sheer pleasure-and the thought of making yourself uninhibited. but nostradamus is more goth. more dramatic. :P nostradamus is an ideal music for action movies in their climax part.
Hall of the mountain king is a "tip-toe" song. :P one which makes girls want to put on their 70s blouse and pointed shoes and just "shoe-click" the night away.
a few people only knew that he has his own version of the beauty and the beast soundtrack. it wasn't too much different from the original one, but you can feel the depth and the variety of his version.

Soulja Boy: yes, another one of those niggah rappers. but his groove is different. he raps but he does it slow. makes every girl feel sexxay! and as any other niggah songs, he also has soulja girl. what could get more preppy than that? XD

Slayer: Raining Blood- has a "scary-creepy" feel on it, but once you hear the song, you are gonna download it.and all any other its. i loooooooove metal songs that have an accelerated feel. by the way, you guys should listen to As I Lay Dying. lml

Thursday, December 13, 2007

violent yesterday, aren't we?

it's amazing how boredom could actually let your thoughts drift just about anywhere. i went home after my pre-mid exam (finance 11-easy subject, test was kick-ass easy.THE WHOLE process of computing the effn decimal amount gave me the migraine.or headache.or whatever). going out of school as late as 8:30p.m scares me shitful. there are lotsa ugly people outside, whom you can easily be mistaken as snatchers or hold uppers. (whatevers the spelling).
SO. while i was in the jeep, random thoughts came into my mind. which i wont tell.and none of which really made me feel better. i arrived with the noise of our neighbor's sing-along trip blaring all over the place. i am seriously considering the idea of reporting them cause they don't have a business permit. it won't take alot of chutzpah to do that. but i have lots.
SECRETLY. for 4 nights now, i've been drinking my mum's slimming tea. she doesn't want me to have one but i learned to accept the fact that i am anorexic.and no matter how many times i look in the mirror, i still consider myself fat. maybe one of these days, i'll have a post here about me being hospitalized. im already 20lbs. underweight but i cant help but have the urgency slash need to get thinner.
NO i wont take her meth. i don't want to have a whiter skin. i'd look like a fag who just came out of her godforsakencoffin. i used to have a light skin before. but i noticed that pale skin can actually make someone look like a fag. so i tuned in to being sun-kissed. being sun-kissed is the best.err, second best.
today i decided to cancel my plan to attend the freeman's christmas party. ryan asked me to go to his basketball practice with him in talamban. the place happens to be in front of marco's house. i miss marco. i miss the barkada.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Scheds coming up!

i am terribly (terrible meaning im having nervous yet excited attacks[tummy aches,lbm and upchuck need]) excited (again?) for our Western Wats' Batch 53A reunion coming up this wednesday, december something something (i hate keeping track of dates) at Yellowcab, BTC.

seriously i can't wait anymore. waiting is my best forte.NOT.

and! i have to attend The Freeman's christmas party tomorrow at 6pm (roofdeck, office). i tried lotsa times to contact my close friend, Ardelle, who is the editor of the Children's Section, and somehow she failed to answer me back. i don't wanna go to the party without her. i dont wanna get stuck in a little girl's costume (theme:something kiddie) without her. but then, everything is not so much fun without her.

again!and! i have to meet my friends--high school and college, to reminisce the old times. <-- that i dont even wanna think about, i have to think of what to wear. what a great hassle, but then, i love myself. :)

SO. AFTER christmas, my 23 yr. old hormone-raged cutie cousin will be coming home and he wants me to take him WHERE the partys at. say goodbye to me getting 4-5 hours of sleep, even if it were possible for me to sleep.

amidst the social hurricane im about to go through, i have to answer the dilemma of what i hafta give to ryan this christmas. i know what he wants, a comic book from powerbooks, but which among those? there has to be like, hundreds of em!

sinulog-lastyear- was fun! i considered not going home for 2 days straight and just party and pre-day-post sinulog days!!! but i think imma get a lotta whipping from ryan bebe just in case imma do that. :P

wish me luck!

ps. marlo my stalker, just in case you are reading this, it's about time you contact me. we still have tales to weave!

Monday, December 10, 2007

I purchased my first-ever "stash" from Powerbooks! God and it actually took uber long for everyone to go and visit it. I WONDER WHEN WOULD THEY HAVE I-MAX HERE???????!!!
anyway,i bought a pack of Talecraft cards (and everyone thought i'd get myself divirginized by Tarot cards). i wanna be the first talecrafter here in Cebu. let's play, yes please?
i copy+pasted this sheet from onlygodknowswhere. for the people who don't know what Talecraft cards are:
How to Play
To play the game, the cards must first be arranged into three stacks: The Genre stack, the Archetype stack, and the Key stack. The cards are facing down.
First, each player must pick one card each from the Genre Stack. That card will determine what genre the player’s story has to be. Next, each player must take two cards each from the Archetype Stack. One card will be their main protagonist, and the other card will be their main antagonist. Next, the players must pick six cards each from the Key Stack.
If the player picks a Keyword, the player must integrate that as a major factor or important item in the story, which the player will create at the end of the game. If it is a Plotline, the plot of the player’s story must follow it. If a player picks more than one Plotline, the player must decide which Plotline will be used as a main plot of the story, and which will be used as subplots. If it is an instruction that tells the player to pick, the player must follow it and pick a card from either the Genre Stack (the player’s story now has more than one genre, i.e. Romantic Fantasy) or the Archetype Stack (the player is now required to add another character). If the player picks an instruction that tells him to swap, the player is given the opportunity to discard one of his cards (any of the three types: Genre, Archetype, or Key) and pick a new card of the same type.
The players will then have ten minutes to create their stories, and then take turns telling their created stories.
For Example, if I have the following cards:
Genre: Adventure
Archetypes: Siren, Vigilante, Lovable Rogue, Haunted Hero
Keys: Cat, Ship, Book, Disease
My story can go something like:
A Lady, very popular in society (Siren) approaches a Captain of a Ship (Haunted Hero). She wants to hire him and his crew to go on a quest to find this magical lake on an island somewhere in the Pacific. She had recently acquired a book containing a map to the said island from her deceased grandfather. The Captain refused at first because he had lost his wife on a Treasure hunt (his haunted past, thus Haunted Hero), but due to financial need, and for the sake of his young daughter, the Captain agrees. The Lady takes with her her bodyguard (Vigilante). The way is filled with disappointments, and the Lady and the Captain can't help but think someone or something is against them. The bodyguard seems indifferent. He doesn't believe in all that magic lake nonsense. After a while, the Captain realizes that this was no pleasure trip on the Lady's part. She has an incurable disease, and she was dying. On the way to the island, they find and take aboard their ship a good-humored wanderer (Lovable Rogue) and his cat. The cat seems to be a very lucky cat and helps them find the island. The wanderer turns out to be a deity, helping them find the lake. The bodyguard tuns out to be another deity, trying to prevent them from finding the lake. There is a battle, the Lady and her side wins, and she is cured of her sickness. But the lake will never again be accessed by man. The end.

and of course, how to win the game:
Each player will have a cup before him. After the player tells his story, all the other players will drop coins in the storyteller’s cup, depending on its impact on them. If a player thinks the storyteller’s story was not well made (like if there are a lot of loose ends, or if the events of the story are too scattered), the player does not drop any coin into the storyteller’s cup. If the player thinks the story is acceptable but has little impact on him, he drops a coin in the cup. If the story manages to amuse the player, he drops two coins. And if the story awes him, he drops three coins. At the end of the game, or rounds of game, the players tally the scores. The player with the most coins wins.
Another way to decide a winner for Talecraft is to appoint a non-player as a judge who would decide who the winner is to be.

PLEASE PLEASE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED TO PLAY, give me a message HERE or my ym: orangesinym. i'll be recieving your messages 24/7 through my fone (thanks sun).
back to me..
these are the stuff i want for christmas. naming it wishlist is overrated. i hate overrated words.
1. Vampirism- Van Helsing (pseudonym.i know)
2. Tarot Cards
3 Emily The Strange Comic Book
4. 1970 Playboy Playmate Calendar
5. Piratedology
6. Karma Cheques
7. StarGirl Journal (DIBA DEN??)
8. Any Lawrence Sanders Book (can be found in Booksale, don't give me the tanget factor)
9. College Humor (RAPRAP THE IDIOT bought the ONLY copy in Powerbooks)

to my rents:
i know you read my blog at times, this is my "shy" way of enumerating what i want this christmas
to those who know me well:
you know where to buy the said goodies.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

an angel

i see a saint when i look at you as may be an angel from the heaven
i feel something whenever you're around, something beautiful and worth the risk
to glance at your face, tells me how forutnate i am to be with you
when you walk and dream of things that i never dreamt before
how god in his power fused the earthly beauty into a single mortal, which he blended
into perfection by putting a unique spirit into a much awaited body.
you are an angel amidst the human race...
whenever you're around, i feel god's presence with you.
it's so amazing how an angel blended in the face of humanity with me--
unconvinced of it. but how do you walk with an angel?
how do you hold him and never let go? how about if that angel didn't know he's an angel?
and you didn't have a slight chance to touch his heart?
i can see you walking into a corridor, the sun's rays "highlighted" your path
how god's grace has rested on you, i can only not your smell...
is how angels be known?

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I'm gonna bring on the non-stop fun as five artists put their worthy musical legacies on display (hint: Greatest Hits compilations make for mistake-free gift giving!)
Stevie Wonder—The Definitive Collection
THE GUSH: What a gem. What. A. Gem. Going through The Definitive Collection makes you wonder (no pun intended) why the amazing Stevie doesn't get lauded more, appreciated more, and more-d more. After all, it turns out that his hits have been repeatedly sampled by different artists, from Coolio's “Gangster's Paradise” to Will smith's act of hook lifting from the song “Sir Duke to fuel his hit, “Wild Wild West.”
PROGRAM FOR REPEAT: “You are the sunshine of my life,” “Overjoyed.” “Lately.” “Superstition.” “Uptight (Everything's alright).” There's almost 40 years of first-rate music in this two-disc collection. Thanks Stevie.
U2—The Best of 1990-2000
THE GUSH: Twenty years on from singing “New Year's Day” in the frozen tundra, Irish band U2 have emerged as the band of a generation. In this second batch of greatest hits, the band began the 90s by bidding goodbye to the fiery rock of The Joshua Tree before venturing into the musical wilderness and flirting with electronic music (before the mass popularity of superstar DJ's and “Chill Out” stylings). As the 21st century approached, Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry found a fresh and energetic sound closer to their early rock and roll efforts. Take 'em or leave 'em U2 are a musical force to be reckoned with.
PROGRAM FOR REPEAT: “One,” “Staring At The Sun” “Mysterious Ways” Stuck in a moment”
The Rolling Stones-- Forty Licks
THE GUSH: Mick, Keith and company have withstood all immunity challenges, reward challenges, the drugs and the mayhem to emerge as the survivors of the rock and roll soap opera. What more can be said but....
PROGRAM FOR REPEAT: “Satisfaction”, “You can't always get what you want”, “Ruby Tuesday..”. Forget it. You'll want to hear all of them, freshly re-mastered and sounding Technicolor clear. Plus a track usually ignored in Stones compilations, “Shattered” gets included in this package. But why no....
Chicago—The Chicago Story- Complete Greatest Hits
THE GUSH: Stop the sneering right now. Though perceived as a bung of balladeering softies (no) thanks to hits like “Hard Habit to Break” and “You're the inspiration”, the band Chicago actually began as a pioneering rock-jazz improv sensation. They hybrid of rock, jazz, R&B and a brass section WAS as crazy as it sounds, but out of that unusual mix came tracks like “25 or 6 to 4”” Saturday in the Park” and yes, the pre-cursor to their ballad superstardom, “If you leave me now”. They don't make intricately-arranged but simply joyful songs like “Does anybody really know what time it is?” anymore. In a word: classics.
PROGRAM FOR REPEAT: Practically all of Disc 2, especially the one-two-three punch of “25...” “Satuday.. “ and “Questions 67 and 68”
Nirvana-- Nirvana
THE GUSH: Where were you at the dawn of the 90s, and what were you listening to? One year into the 20th century's final decade, a band from Seattle recorded an album the band's label hoped would sell half a million copies. But the modestly- released opus that was Nevermind, changed everything and re-routed the musical road forever. Nirvana's sophomore work “loudly announced that Michael Jackson was toast and rock was a weapon again”. The shattering heart of “Smells like Teen Spirit can be heard beating on every rock record released since.
PROGRAM FOR REPEAT: Nirvana was certainly loud, but the late Kurt Cobain felt the bad had “not done enough with power of the quiet,” not was his influence by the melodic Beatles reflected in their songs. To remedy this, Kurt, Krist Novaselic and Dave Grohl created tracks like “All apologies,” “Dumb” and especially, “About a girl”