Thursday, November 29, 2007

first 12 hours of my bday

li love my birthday. not only the fact that it's actually a holiday. (yes) but it's a time for me to actually recieve gifts from everyone. well, almost everyone. im not much of a christmas person, so i have to make do with my birthday..and halloween.

halloween is a different story though. i just wanna see people in their most nasty costume that's why i love it. and maybe im a monster fetish too.


back to the first 12 hours of my bday

woke up around 7 plus plus.. my rents kissed me lotsa till i woke up. im an extremely heavy sleeper and it's actually a miracle that they were able to uhm "revive" me from my deep coma. blah blah the whole morning, prepared what i'm gonna wear cause i just hafta, and i mean get out of the house early! mum won't have any of it. had lunch at home with my fam. and they literally sent me out after i took a bath. played one game of dota. like. now. hate the game. i hate pandaren. i'll update this. after. ryan's looking for me.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

f*ck y'all

i'm deliriously happy today. not because of drug related reasons but cause it's gonna be my bday tomorrow.
practically, i've been happy the whole week. this is my week.
so f*ck y'all i'm gonna rant. tomorrow is my day. MY day.
f*ck y'all guys who are a bunch of ignorant bastards. stop acting as if it's your first time to see a girl in skirt. i do think i have long legs but you don't have to leer. so f*ck y'all

tomorrow after dinner mebe imma go to vudu. dance the night away..

Sunday, November 25, 2007

the prima donna that i am

it's almost my bday.. and i think i know what ryan is gonna give me. i just don't want him to know that i actually now. haha!
so! i'll be turning eleven.
too young to have a boyfriend, yes?

Monday, November 12, 2007


when i'm attacked by my conscience and decide to go home early, i usually watch "deal or no deal"
only a poser doesn't know what that show is.

so anyhow, i've noticed the fact that people, by nature are greedy. they just don't know how to stop. rather, they don't know a good deal when they see one.
for petessake! compute the probability ahole! if it's a contest between one million one peso and one thousand five hundred pesos and the banker gives you 300k something2, take it!
think of the fact that you actually joined the contest with almost nothing in those pathetic wallet of yours.

the sembreak that was

last sembreak has been one of the most fruitful sem break i had. i went out with different friends and got to spend time with them without worrying that i have to go to school on the next day....

1st week- met up with my shlerz at bahia beach resort. reminisced the old days when i-pod was an extreme must-have and the halo days and the heavy-drama days. god maybe i'm really a little nasty every now and then cause i usually have confrontations.. even with my own friends. the outing was the sunday right after finals. didn't have enough sleep the day before that cause it was a saturday. and of course, i was out the whole day (and 95% of the night/day as well). i only slept for 2 hours cause i wanna see them so bad. sides, nobody has the nerve to say no when it comes to an outing! (beach pa jed)..

2nd week-wednesday:went to the beach AGAIN this time with my corpmates. :) we went to portofino and spent the whole day at the yacht chillaxing. since we knew the yacht's owner, we were able to stay in the yacht for free... raaaaaawwr!
saturday: it was che2's graduation. wasn't able to sleep well again cause it was i have to wake up early to be with them. (5am!)
after her graduation, which ended around 12noon, we ate at Family Choice then attended the job fair at sm (remember my previous posts?) after the job fair, we decided to chillax first at my crib cause it was the nearest in the city (imagine! one of em is living in talamban,another is in talisay,2 girls in lapu2 and one in san fernando)..
around 7pm we met with lalai and chic2 at bo's in btc. picture taking here and there.. then went to 22nd street to watch the stand-up comedians do their thing. it was one of the most hilarious nights of my life. i don't usually match the word crude with fun but i actually did that night. oh and by the way, if you are curious as to where ryan was at this time, he was at daan bantayan with his family.

3rd week--i went to marigondon from monday till wednesday. i accompanied my mum since she heads the whole cebu city with the STEP (student-technolgists-entreprenurs-program) contest here in Cebu City. it was the least that i could do considering it was almost her bday that day. i even coached the lady contestant on the bartending contest. i think im gonna upload the vid in my multiply. wednesday night i came back to cebu city again.. the next day was my enrolment and i have to go to school as early as possible.

thursday afternoon--after all the useless hassle, i still wasn't able to enroll. it was very infuriating. but i was excited cause we'll (lor steve ryan daryl) be staying thomas' house till 3am cause we had a scheduled 4am bus ride on our way to daan bantayan. we are gonna stay there for the weekend.
and what happened at daan bantayan? i'll leave everyone guessing. :) it's not something kinky..but i just wanna keep the details for myself. too bad roy dre and marco weren't able to go. pifffffffft!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

her flutters were for naught

after 3-4 days of useless fretting over my enrollment, i was able to enroll yesterday. so i was able to say (as a third person)

her flutters were for naught.

thank god i let my adviser choose my sched for me.or else i would've been one of those kids outside our department waiting for their priority numbers to be called so that they could be entertained..

we graduating students are the latest v.i.p
and i lub eet.

---i'll update this later. i'm about to play dota. wish me luck.. hearts, hearts and more hearts.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

what to?

i am really having fun with jobs.db

so i am applying for different jobs that i am interested in. honestly, most of which are forgettable. i was really thinking of my future THAT much.

then i came upon a phone call that was kickass funny. i was playing dota(nth time) and my phone started to light up. when i checked the number it was a landline. so i thought it was freeman calling me again for another random assignment.

it was actually one of the company i was applying in. they checked out my resume and they're interested to interview me next week. i then remembered that i applied as a sales coordinator in their company.

too bad the company is located in paranaque

as of november something something

i hate keeping track of dates. i can manage to keep track of days but i usually lose myself in dates. well, except if it's a week before my birthday. cause i usually switch into my prima donna attitude during that time.

my birthday matters a lot to me. and to a few selected people (much into my coercion)

back to the ish of my future.

i have a good friend by the name of dutz. he's really the anti-social type of guy and it was actually cool that i was able to get past his "bara" attitude. maybe it is because we used to be workmates eventhough we hang out in the same cafe (waaaaay before i got accepted in xlibris==so so long time ago)

we saw each other again yesterday and he asked me if i'm interested to work in singapore as an editor for a singaporean--sakto ba? english publishing company. cause obviously, their english is bad-ass.. and i'm like, yeah sure why not?, so uhm maybe a week from now we are going to look into it. im not in a hurry because i have to wait till i grad to actually work full time. the only prob i have is finding a cheap place to stay in singapore. cause the cost of living there is high..

then here comes ryan telling me that he's also gonna work in singapore too cause he has an aunt there who's in charge of a big advertising company....

so it's off to singapore then??