Wednesday, February 24, 2010

24th on 23rd pics!

*left-over Starbucks Blueberry Cheesecake
*PS3 Controller
*shades ni maan
*rap's rarrrrr ilok
-i took a halfday leave and met up with him at ayala, then we claimed his misplaced A card at Coffeebean
*picked up his 3 cakes at Oh Georg!..and the lasagna too!
*soulcalibur night; gikulata ni Kyut sina Abby, Maynard and Champ. (bangaa aning mga lakiha manuwa ui.hehe peace)
*everyone wants to have a picture taken with Tita Nelly (rap's mum)
*pic pic slash shot shot sila with the LBP peeps and BERTTOWTOWTWO!
*special guest-Adam Lambert
*i like the ube-flavored boyf tummy

Pre-Birthday Ni RapRap

around 8 ish in the evening- Someone surprised raprap with one whole blueberry cheesecake from Starbucks. hehe~ (He doesn't look surprised no? :( )

..and i waited til 12ish to greet him Happy Birthdah.
O diba? Love taka oi

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy 24th Birthday to my Lambdan, the boyfriend who has been with me through thick and thin. I'm posting this here cause i know your wall will be flooded soon~~
Thank you for the epic win bonding moment with you yesterday. haha, you know what i mean *wink.
Nah, seriously, you never bore me..and I know you're not a texting person, so it means a lot to me when you text me and make pa-cute to me. :)
hala ka, we are also turning....9

Saturday, February 20, 2010


i wont be surprised if a week from now, i'm gonna show symptoms of dengue fever.
all i need is a letter of authorization from Aboitizland and I can have myself admitted..
oh well, here's to another few days of mental and emotional torture, courtesy of.

well, it's highly unlikely that you're reading this.
course, it's also highly likely that i'm lying

*chugs down tanduay ice.
perhaps, not in my imagination this time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This blog is For you, Dick Gordon

At this point in time, almost everyone has already made their decision as to who they will vote for this coming May. A lot-much to my chagrin, has decided to vote for the more popular candidates like Noynoy Aquino or Manny Villar. I am disappointed that people didn’t care much about this certain candidate whose work has been visible all throughout the Philippines. This candidate is Dick Gordon.
Never in any elections have I decided to register to COMELEC since I’m such a cynic when it comes to politics. But last December 2009, I gave this year’s election a chance when I heard rumors that Dick Gordon is going to run for president.
I’ve heard and known about Dick Gordon a few years ago, when there was a dispute about the chairmanship over the Subic Bay area. A native Kapampangan myself, I usually keep myself posted with the current events which happened even way before I was old enough to vote.
Olongapo before was known to be the “prostitute’s haven” or the “land of sin”. Prostitution is the word that comes to mind whenever we hear Olongapo or Angeles. Dick Gordon changed all that by putting innovations like the color-coded transportation system, vendor’s cooperatives and other community development programs.
He has changed Olongapo so much so that foreign investors have started to take notice. More than that, they started to invest. Companies like FedEx, Enron and Acer invested in Olongapo, therefore giving our economy and boost, and employment opportunities that our country needs.
All throughout the whole world, Philippines is known for its sandy white beaches, natural breathtaking landscapes and other tourism spots which are really affordable. To whom we should give credit for this? No other than Dick Gordon. He marketed our country by doing road shows worldwide. Also, he promulgated domestic tourism by organizing regional events and showcasing our tourist spots.
Admittedly, Obama and Gordon have the same goal, which is change. What’s different about them is that, Gordon actually delivers results.
To quote Gordon, “What this country needs is not a change of men, but a change in men”. Let’s not waste our votes to those we have already tried and tested (..and failed?). Let’s choose a strong catalyst that will bring about a 360-degree change this country desperately needs. Let’s choose Gordon.
Copy-pasted in this e-mail is an interview of Money Sense magazine from Dick Gordon. I hope this 10 points for success will make you re-evalute your choice this coming May 2010
10 Principles for Success in 2010
By Lynda C. Corpuz
Asked how ordinary Filipinos can improve their lot in life, Sen. Dick Gordon, who has enjoyed a fruitful and accomplished life, shares his key principles for career and financial success:
1. Be ambitious. Umaasa tayo lagi sa tulong. Kahit anong hirap mo, you have to be ambitious. Being ambitious is not negative.
2. Have the right work ethic. Bawal ang tamad. Lalong bawal ang tanga. Manage by objective. Instead of a quick fix or instant gratification, practice delayed gratification. We should go for meritocracy. Hindi palakasan. Palakasan pa rin dito.
3. Learn a skill. Poverty is an absence of choice. That’s why you have to continue learning. You have to learn a skill. I never tell people “good luck.” I always tell them “good skill.” Be creative. Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa. God gave you skills. God will not help you if you don’t help yourself.
4. Work, save, invest, and prosper. You have to work. Address your needs but always save. Get into a business. Get life insurance or a personal accident insurance kung `yun lang ang kaya mo. We need a provident fund especially for our OFWs. We have 11 million Filipinos abroad. You put them and our people here in a provident fund, we can prosper ourselves. Combine GSIS and SSS funds and come up with a provident fund, just like what Singapore did. People have to learn to save something.
5. Help. Find extra time to help. Volunteer with the Red Cross. Kapag alam mong ginawa mo, bibiyaan ka. Helping others is a reward in itself.
6. Lead by example. The Philippines would improve if it elects a leader who can inspire, able to communicate by word and deed, provides a vision, extracts values, and displays integrity. Demand from your leaders. Ask for their qualifications. Look for their record.
7. Be independent. I had to fight big guys but I couldn’t tell my dad. He encouraged me to learn judo to protect myself. You have to learn to survive. You have to learn to stand your ground. Those guys who tried to bully me, I stood up to them.
8. Learn from your mistakes. I learn from my mistakes. I learn from other people’s mistakes. There’s only one thing I can never learn: to be overly materialistic. I don’t pay the media to cover me. I don’t pay for my press releases. If my being straightforward is a mistake, that’s a mistake I’ll keep on repeating.
9. Be assertive. We’re like makahiyas. We shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t be an adapting culture. We’re resilient but we don’t assert ourselves. We’re a happy people. That’s good psychology. We laugh at ourselves. We’re an accommodating culture. We shouldn’t be. We should live by the national anthem, by our oath.
10. Make fear your friend. During the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, I told myself we’re not going to allow ourselves to die here. I prayed, “If you’re going to take me, take me. Please though, don’t make me look bad as I lead.” You must make fear your friend.

Monday, February 15, 2010

the VEE day weekend

spent the whole weekend at rap's.

have i ever told you guys how much i'm so into this guy?haha, yeah, i'm sure i did
(i love the whole new monitor and ps3 set up luv)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

teeeeeenaaaacciiioussss deeeeeeeee eeeeh!

again, i was in a bout of depression and only got knows what else negative stuff for this week.
i am on sick leave today cause my eyes were really swollen this morning (i think my eyes got irritated with my contacts since i wear them for almost 24hours)
back to being half blind..
UNCHARTED is starting to get irritating, im almost 75% done and I could only play when my boyf is asleep to prevent petty arguments about the whole game.
i get self-concious kasi when someone watches me play. especially in DOTA.
i miss my friends.
cheche is in dubai
chic is in singapore
lai is already married
ardelle is in USA.
i miss being in school, i miss KNOWING what to do. i'm 23 and i still have no clear plan in my life.
well.. except..
to wait for chic to come back here and plot out a business for the both of us,
wait, and with rap's help too.
this blog is shitty.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


pochero at malou's
GOL'S CDU. sad life
family guy marathon
borrowed dvds from rap for my dad
early morning coffee at BTC
tanduay ice gift to each of my friends
led zeppelin gift from me to rap
epic adobo again
chocolate sin as a gift
uploading my pics from his phone to my neetbook
resurrected site-tunay na lalake
honey made a tunay na lalake album for me
pochero night cause i feel bad. my boyfriend is great
big bang theory night!
kinder bueno gift
CLMT MEETING one on one with ms. mae
a promise to ann
MEAN MACHINE- I TOTALLY love this movie. hilarious kaayo!
shawarma gift :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

oh 2 oh 2 oh 10

damn, i wasnt able to watch rap's WATCHMEN:TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER.

i am currently at his room now, watching his friend play UNCHARTED- a game that i personally chose we are planning to buy more ps3 games with the help of raps rich friends. haha

to know more about uncharted~ here's the linkie

Last weekend, i think, was our tripping weekend-organized by Champ San Jose. He invited us to watch PAANO NA KAYA (starring KIM CHIU AND GERALD ANDERSON) at SM. i was prepared to feel bored but i actually had fun while watching it (thanks to his barkada's ad libs during the whole movie)
PAANO NA KAYA lasted for almost 2 hours, jeezis.
the movie ended around 8ish and all of us were so hungry, so we walked from SM to ginabutan sa mabolo

food there is great. its so easy to overindulge. jeezis.

anyway, i found this image in and this pic is jus sooo US