Thursday, February 26, 2009


at seattles best with my uyab
dl-ing tycoon games.
playing beauty factory
looked up black and white and liked it +download

played tekken and kicked ryan's ass. thank god for luck


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


the weekend that was.

now i remember what i did last weekend. I woke up tad too early for a mandatory OT which is supposed to be for 4 hours. I had to be with my friend here, his name is Ryan.. too. XD
we were both aipserakdfja;lsiurklaj from Friday night's kiat.. Him coming from You mango with our other officemates while I was with my bestfriend and boyfriend plus siomai, poker and grande.
yes, poker can be that stressful.. more if you take it seriously...which i always do. XD
back to saturday.
was sorta gleeful about the whole OT thing cause i got credit for 4 hours worth of OT when i only stayed for 30 minutes. no, it's not a playback of my college cutting class happening, it's just that my vecino slash client decided to let us off the hook since ryan and i look barag.

I decided not to go home and just head straight up to gecube while waiting for ryan my uyab (he was supposed to go with me on the said OT but he got lbm=18siomais+1grande)
checked FACEBOOK, multiply and my lifeless friendster.
got really really grumpy cause im half awake and im craving coffee but my way ayo friend by the name of DUTZ already had his and is not willing to go with me.
got comforted by the fact that he's not only mean to me but to everyone.
had an argument with ryan since im tooooo lazy to bring my ass to his car and get coffee.
had coffee FINALLY at seattles best.. while enjoying my TC look... green checkered shirt with uber faded jeans and red shades.
"maihap ra ang sbado na mag jeans ko"
decided to go vega and wear a denim mini skirt (i brought it cause i know its sabado)

felt better.
played dota and l4d to finish the night
practiced roger jr.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inner Blood Type

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Perfect Valentines



TOPS RESTO-feeling korean man mi.

more photos at my FB

Friday the 13th

Body of Desire totally scuked.
come to think of it, there wasn't any event at all, considering everythng was POSTPONED. I'd like to give the credit to the weather.

I was a bit irritated that we went there, bikini underneath and all, only to be informed at the entrance that the event was cancelled. thank god they returned our 300 back.
but then, course, id like to thank the organizers for having the common sense to cancel the whole event. the weather wasn't so good and assuming everything is gonna push thru, no one is gonna have fun. it was REALLY cold!
Oh, I also noticed that there were only a few people, there was only 19 of us, 16 people coming from the same family, and this one "organizer man siguro ko" boy and the two of us, ryan and i.

i conclude that the event wasn't worth attending at all and i'd rather watch Tuesdays With Morrie at SM come friday

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

an interesting dialogue between me and Ryan

Topic: Pending trip to Boracay

Ryan: Be sure to have fun there ha?
Nym: I got friends from work, so I'm good
Ryan: Are most of them guys?
Nym: No, Girls!
Ryan: See? *patting my back-girls are good.........

Wellllll,girls are good.technically. but i would rather hang out with guys cause there's more competition there....aside from the fact that my interests revolve mostly about gadgets, comp games and camarederie.

girls dont "do" camarederie.. they "bond"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I confess!

I never really liked drinking.BEER.
I think it would really be a grown up thing to do (KJ) to turn down a shot.
But I never really liked drinking beer!
it looks like an oil and i can't help but think how many brain cells im killing and calories im gaining for every chug.
er.. aside from the fact that i dont really like getting drunk or i just dont like the taste of it.
so imma have to learn how to drive ryan's car cause he LOVES drinking

will will attend:
paintball challenge
body of desire (UNSA NI? gi invite rapud ko ani.)
la gondola perhaps?
portofino group date perhaps?

you know you love me

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


underwear oracle

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orange is the color of my energy

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flip flops flip flops flip flip flip

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Sunday, February 1, 2009


I sniff sniff nerd fun last sabado.

for most of my afternoon hours, i was at fully booked free-reading "is anybody out there" by marian keyes(my fave author*sigh) i accidentally saw my bff (jeszha) and im sure she was also surprised to see me there. she is going to have a meet up with my EX Bestfriend (why the ex? its a long story). as much as i want to see bianca again, im afraid i have to postpone seeing her cause i have to meet francis and daryl for a meeting of some sort @ bo's terraces.
only goes to show how bianca means to see (insert sarcasm here)
" in light of the upcoming valentines we (francine,darlene,ryanne and i) are inviting you to a paintball challenge this coming february 14, 2009 @ Holy Family Village,Banilad Cebu City. The event will be held for the whole afternoon and it's only going to cost you 300pesos each. what a better way to celebrate your valentines than to make war and not love? RSVP to this event 5 days before 12/14/09. Transportation logistics will be discussed through YM"

i spent my saturday night playing left4dead with francis,daryl and ryan. I HAD A LOT OF FUN. it wasnt a serious game so we had to repeat the last stage for 6 times. I'll have you know that we all had an above average IQ. (i dunno about daryl though, i think he's a gneius) so aside from the fact that we werent too serious about the whole thing, we were too busy killing each other than killing a thousand zombies.
since everyone was drained from the coffee high after left4dead, we chilled at kafaye till sunday morning.