Sunday, December 21, 2008


continuation to Nym's Line of Cocaine
@ C24 with Ryan, Francis, Sandino, Ivy and Andre
Nym: Again this question, which City would you rather be stuck in, Racoon City or Silent Hill?
Ryan: I'd rather be in racoon city, i ahve a better chance of fending off zombies rather than being stuck in another dimension. (wow ryan, this is actually cheating, regardless of dimension you bozo)
~ Ryan after a can of Royal
Ryan: If you're stuck at Racoon City and you can only bring one thing, what would it be?
Sandino: Guns!
Ryan: Gun is just one thing, what are you gonna do with a gun without some bullets?
Francis: Crowbar!
Andre: Knife or a blade
(and everyone got mesmerized by the pure geekiness of it all)
Ryan (as if an after thought): Aha! I'll wear an ironshield!
Sandino: Yeah,that's right ryan, while we are all busy running for our lives, you decided to just schlep along cause your armor is so heavy.
Francis: Ataya, naka-imagine nuon ko atong scene sa the mummy na hapit na madakpan sa mga mummies ang igsuon ni Rachel Weisz, ngpretend na mumy siya, ng chant ug "IMMHOTEP" Ataya ato oi. hehe

Nym's Line Of Cocaine

~While I was in the middle of ironing my Don Bosco T-Shirt (I had the crazy fixation for the said shirt, now I'm fixED-thanks to Ryan(. I decided to jot down my chea conversations with different people over the weekend:

Dutz and I, eating @ Roma Mia and Buying Icecream@ Gelatissmo

Nym: What's gonna happen to you if you quit your job now and live with your sis@USA?
Dutz: I'll prolly be a bellboy or a valet.
Nym: But you're too lazy to carry your own weight, lest other people's bags!
Dutz: Nym, there is thing called trolley
Nym:But you're too lazy to push the trolley!
Dutz: I'm not gonna use the stairs, I'm gonna use the elevator!
NymL But you're too lazy to push the elevator button
Nym:But you're too lazy to push the elevator button!
Dutz:Fine! I'll be the elevator boy then!
Nym:But you're too lazy to be a boy, remember!??!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


to the ff. people for their early xmas gifts

1. momma- i love the gladiator sandals! ill wear em.. uhm, when i can.
2. ryan- i know ull give ur gift this afternoon pa,but oh well. im more interested as to HOW you were able to wrap it
3. kuya isagani- and his wife, for giving this gift in front of my monitor. i havent opened it yet, but i think it's a glass set. AWWWW.
4. ms. chiggy- for that crystal confetti glass with 2 doves kissing.
5. aboitizland-for the oven toaster, for making me your ms.voice over, and for the great wine and spaghetti ingredients give away!


Yo Momma!

ive been showering my mom with gifts eversince last week. cause (duh) she deserves it. XD
yesterday, i gave her 2 sets of moisturizing cream from avon..i already gave her a rosary jewelry, a silver rosary bracelet and a mini medal of sto. niƱo and mother theresa to keep her safe cause she travels all around philippines at least thrice a year.
nope, im not religious at all...but then, im not actually advocating myself by passing on or giving something that i dont actually support or believe in to someone i love (*refer to a private conversation with a workmate here)
which really got me thinking.. if i forward messages, or give things that i dont believe in, it doesnt really mean i believe on those. im not advocating myself. again.
i believe in redundancy.
as for dad, i already had the manny pacquiao special edition of Reader's Digest stashed away in my closet.. plus the final DP for his ipod shuffle.. which have the same color as mine. pif.

now help me try and look for a gift for my love.please.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Of all things that are white and blue

I hate working after a night of sleeping late. i'm a sleep whore. thank you.
Aboitizland Hollywood Glamour Party Yesterday

I, with Ria, arrived at Waterfront earlier than other people to help with packing of the whole company giveaways. I think we packed over almost 200 worth of bags (or it felt like it)

Dorothy and I decided to chill at the complimentary room before getting ready for the whole event.

~ I are a closet woman! haha

hurrah hurrah, me looking so underdressed and loving it

Brian, the person in-charge for the sound system (aside from being one of the marketing peeps,haha) and I-the voice over

*insert: i won an oven toaster!hurrah for me!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Teriyaki Boy Round 2 For Me

brainstorming during lunch.. or so i claim....
say good luck to me for tonight's xmas party, i am the VOICE OVER for the whole show.

Monday, December 15, 2008

my new love

**red shades is love


Sunday, December 14, 2008

i love cebu city!

how can i ever think of leaving this place in the first place? haha. nah, seriously, i'm going to leave. NEXT YEAR.
last saturday, i bought 8 dresses from ukay near crown regency hotel and had meet ups with these people:

to buy 2 of their bianca dresses. i also bought a dress from my workmate here and all these purchases got me thinking where i am going to where what i bought.
i've had these obsessions with clothes ever since high school and there are some clothes that i haven't worn yet (note:bayo gift from ryan)

aside from the ukay activity, i met up with ryan at ayala and we went to the otaku fest at UP. *nerd mode
uber fun! aside from me playing ps3 tekken in there, (being the only girl who knows or has the knowledge of blah blah) i got pics of pikachu, coco of kill bill, the naruto guys and course! philip! (who dressed up as joker-nurse-harvey dent na dili)
happy to see wafa, who can't stop bitching that there's no coke and they were only selling iced tea and juice
wow, is up a healthy place also?:)

sunday:mom went to carbon to buy her not so secret ingredients. I AM SO AMAZED HOW healthy and how colorful those red peppers and carrots are! (grammar glitch.alot) i cant help but be floored as to how those reds and greens and browns stand out! and to think that they came from our mountains and provinces!lol

more pics at

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BOYZ II MEN...and others

ive been thinking of buying 4 tickets for this event.

for myself, ryan, and my rents. the ticket is uber cheap enough (i'm aiming for GOLD tickets) considering IT'S BOYZ II MEN. everyone! gah!

so i'm thinking which i should prioritize first... the boyz ii men ticket or the additional tv plus cable at home?


Monday, December 8, 2008

Maksim Mrvica

Listening to flight of the bumblebee early in the morning gives me zest to do the things ive been procrastinating (work stuff). I am supposed to upload another batch of photos ive taken last weekend to my multiply account then poof! We got no net! I I-m’ed our IT department ASAP to have this fixed cause this has been going on ever since last Saturday (I was here in the office cause I hafta finish my hand (custom) made gift for Ryan, and no, its not a Christmas gift). Since I got my 13th month pay last week, I decided to splurge on buying an expensive silver bracelet for my bf. Aside from that, I also gave him a nail-cutter and an electric razor. It might seem unusual to buy those kinds of gifts but I’m being practical.
Lastly, I gave him a box which contains a hundred plus reasons why I love him I instructed him to get one each day and I am sure that by now, he cheated and he has read all of it. Hehe.
Thank god for MS Word. I’ve been itching to update my blog.

ooh! thank you to jan and julie for the 2 bianca dresses!
and jed mendoza for the additional 2 blair waldorf dresses!
*god i love work.

Monday, December 1, 2008

All In All..

it was a perfect birthday... since i feel incoherent (with my impending resignation) and it's beyond my mental ability to form any sentences right now, here are some tag lines slash key words as to what happened with my weekend-it's up to you to figure em out

saturday-the day before my birthday.

mandatory overtime.consolidation of cpar.facebook.mob wars.lunch at chinese ngohiong tc.found kinupusan.happy.back to work.waited for our tl to leave.i left for fully booked.chloee* talk.chloee pretending to work.waited til 5ish for ryan. cr.ryan surprised me with a VANILLE cake *sigh.ayala stroll. had a luce lukey like a catty teacher with rotten lips.hehe. fetched my cousins and aunt. off to our boarding house. relatives celeb.

sunday-actual beeday.

had my nails finally painted JUNGLE RED. lighted a candle at sto.rosario. ryan and francis fetched to ayala. ryan presented his "tribute" vid wc made me cry in public.TGIF WITH RYAN= RYAN IS HAVING A REMATCH WITH HIS JACK DANIEL BURGER while i ate pork liempo and tgif sunday. surprise birthday song for me. uber flattering. met up with steve and franz again at bo's. saw thunderthighs. ryan bought me a BAYO dress wc i dearly love. met up with sandino at dyr balay to go sparring. i kidney punched ryan while he kicked my shins=i didnt even know it was legal. crap.
we discussed the existence of dinosaurs (private joke) till the topic shifted to considering butt sex as an intelligent topic

again, all in all, it was a perfect weekend.