Thursday, January 31, 2008

then again...

so i was waiting for him last monday right? he even called me around afternoon to tell me that he wants to meet me at ayala around 3.. so i went there with ryan.. only to find out that the guy who was selling the piesa told him that the blackberry will be FULLY repaired the next day around noon.
patience is not my forte. im starting to get pissy but i just held my breath. after all, i can't be bitchy at him.. he is my friend first. nonetheless, i just let ryan talk to him while i am trying to hamper down the urge to bitch. alot.
so i was feeling bitchy and down that day, i only have one class every mwf so i decided to chill @ IT park with edward ella and alvin.. to cool my senses off so to speak.
then ryan got mad (i mean, really mad) cause i just went there without asking his permission. it was such a petty issue so i made him understand that i was feeling sad and all that crap so i went with em, sides, they are my friends waay before i knew him, what harm can they do?nada.zilch.
basta, the story is complicated. ask me about it when we see each other.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

looks up; continues

anway, it has been a badass-so-so week.
ill start the week by telling ya what happened last saturday
saturday was the-supposed-to-be day i'll get my new "openned-linED" blackberry phone. actually, the repairman showed me the phone so i assumed everything is fine. then he told me that he has to get some piesa for it so i just have to wait for him for an hour in Waterfront.
i happen to be there btw cause i attended one of my closest friend's wedding. it was really a heart breaking ceremony. literally. she had so much potential in life (wasn't exagerrating when us, her friends, told her she has the beauty and the brains).
she destroyed it all by marrying.
that's why i don't wanna marry. i know she has waaaaaaaaay more potential than me but i like to make do with what i have. thank you.
back to the ish.
so i was entertaining myself, waiting for an hour when i received a call from him saying that he wasnt able to buy the piesa that he needed cause the store in mabolo was closed already and the store doesn't open on sundays.
so the soonest possible time that he could give me my phone will be monday.
the waiting, i dont mind. i mean, not to be haughty but it's a black berry phone in this dirt poor country is rare..especially if it comes from someone dirt poorish like me.
then ryan whispered something that destroyed 2-3 days of my life
"sus what IF it ty na ni ***************? you already payed bya"
that really got me thinking.
usually, im a very guillible person. in the truest sense of the word but not in the TRUEST sense of the word. i would've never thought of that possibility till he said it.
so for short, he destroyed my sunday.. then i texted the repairman around monday mawnin since im expecting that he'll give the phone to me by monday afternoon.
--gotta continue this later.. loyola awaits

Monday, January 28, 2008


shoot me now. thank you.

have you ever had that week, when you know, everything is just so fine and dandy, you are happy and all...
then bam! the following week, everything just fell apart. really made me jelly kneed<- if there is such thing as one. phew.
ok, last week was okay, i mean, if it wasn't. i wouldve updated this with rage"ful" ranting. but it wasn't.
so unlike this week. bah
gotta update this later. im making iwas to someone.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


any idea how i can get rid of mine?

on an ordinary day, i play my nintendo DS for 2-3 hours while lying down, other than that, i read lotsa books (an orgy with 3 james pattersons makes me happy, nuf said).
i get around 8-9 hours of sleep, so i guess that's pretty healthy. i tried sticking cucumbers on my eyes (literally). i did it once and i don't know if it works. do you guys have any suggestions?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

after a week of non-stop partyin..

nym decides to update her blog with emo realizations:

i learned to beware of people in tumultuous times in their life cause its too easy to get subdued into the maelstorm and spit you out and be blamed for the damage too.

sometimes things we don't usually do and things we don't usually plan happen anyway. i'll keep this short. im wearing my corp attire. needless to say, im very uncomfy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


peeking at my bf's monitor. which is right next to me.
im watching his dota game. uber hungry

after my cousin goes back to states, i'll be busy. back to reality so to speak. ill be updating my status as a future graduate. ehem. and i'll be passing a lot of requirements. i already gave out my sponsorship letters (yearbook) to my editor in chief, my uncle who owns a school, my other uncle and my mum's co teacher who is filthy rich.

the price you have to pay for graduating is sooooooo expensive. it's as if the school wants to milk you till you are dry for the very last time before they send you out to the real harsh world.

again, speaking of the real world, obviously, ill be graduating soon. so i was thinking about my future.again.

i think i'll be filing a tourist visa--need an invitation for this... when i go to states, assuming everything goes well, imma look for an attorney there and have my status changed. i changed my mind about going to spain cause i know i will be very lonely there...
so welcome me to america.. for now anyway.

shift=zip-hello. i have to lose another 10 something something pounds for the coming graduation ball.
a bunch of young fashion designers have decided to sponsor for what we are gonna wear. in return, we are the ones who are going to model it for the whole batch.
im already 15 pounds underweight.
what will become of me?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

you're my little secret..

if every human being is a sanctuary of secrets, we all know things, about ourselves and about others we will take to the grave-not so? i admit there are several things i know that are better left unwritten and unspoken..and i know you do too.

for the past few months, i've been mumbling to just about every one who is close to me that "ako ang dalangpanan sa mga taong gibuwagan, nangitag chix, o ganahan mangayo ug advice"

i remember this movie, (although i haven't seen it) about a little girl who is being paid by kids for em to tell their secrets to her.
if i have a nickel for every time someone tells me their secret, i could very well franchise a fastfood chain.

"super friendly man ka gud"--ryan. was he being sarcastic or wha?
only a few people know that im really friendly to the point of being annoying. so i'm not really sure if he's being sincere of sarcastic.
wanna know why people tell me their secrets?
because there's a 99.9999999999% chance that i'd forget about it the next day. i don't know why, but people, please, your secrets are of no importance to me. so it'd be better to just tell em to me (who doesn't care) just to take a load off your chestS.
but to ask for advice is being overrated. only you and yes, you know what to do. you are just denying the inevitable.

P.S----> i'm doing tarot card reading for a very low price.
100 Php for 3 readings.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Infidelity, like all pleasures, has a price

i can't say i CAN'T understand why other people in a relationship tend to cheat.
but that doesn't mean i've tried cheating on ryan. i NEVER did and i'm kinda proud of that fact.
cheating is one,if not,the only, reason why relationships tend to end abruptly. i guess the "cheating" party (and there's the "cheetee" party) felt the relationship that he/she has with that person is not fulfilling enough. or it may have become boring along the way.or became. or whatever.
f*ck with over analyzing grammar.
any way, there was a time in our relationship that i felt i was being gramed up for something i didn't do (ergo, the i-went-out-and-i-want-you-with-me. NOT) i was at vudu with my cousin and i just hafta ask ryan to go with me and..
who would have thought that the middle couch besides the stairs in VUDU would NOT have a signal for SUN users? i was kinda pissed.
and to top it off, my battery is getting low and ryan MIGHT think that i didn't want him going to VUDU or whatever.
that is so not cool.
i have these two friends.they are whatyoucansay, a couple..and they broke up cause of the "monotousity" of their relationship.. so the girl texted me saying, "hey nym you guys better take care of ********************** ayt? tell him i love him so much always and that i just need space"
and the guillible schmuck that i am, i really fell for that text. actually i pretty much believed that if they start missing each other, they'd just go back to each other's arms.
life is so not as easy as
so i was shocked when i checked on my friend's friendster, i saw her in another guy's arms. i was pretty insulted.of the fact that i believed what she said and i wasn't able to percieve that she would even dare do that.
i consider it cheating.
so you, you know who you are, you hurt my friend pretty bad, and i can't actually say that i feel indifferent about it. i know i'm supposed to stay out of it but the mere idea that you lied to me is such a below the belt hit.
it ain't nice.