Monday, August 31, 2009

The Last Weekend of August

was supposedly set for an OB appointment and a hurried trip to Moalboal to be with my boyfriend but cause of his thesis, he has to cancel it.. (awwww)
hence the picture previous to this blog.

friday: from my iCare seminar, went straight to have coffee with him. When he told me that we have to cancel the whole trip, i went gaga abit which ALMOST resulted to a fight. i was terribly upset and as an ersatz compensation, we both went to shoe stores to check on well, shoes..

I found the purrrrrfect velvet red peeptoe pumps in Linea Italia that i just couldn't let go of, the only reason i hafta let go of it was it was uber expensive and by just wearing it, i suddenly felt better.
Rap and I watched Public Enemies and we ended the night at his place

saturday: we woke up early..well even to my standards it is. We ate outside and went back to his place. I played SIMS2 on his PC and i didn't even notice he was gone til i realized that it was quiet..too quiet.
He suddenly came in and he looked pissed. He blindfolded me and slapped me abit for a couple of times. I felt confused cause i didn't know what I did wrong. Then he made me wear something in my feet, i wasn't surprised cause i have 3 pairs of shoes here but he then removed the blindfold and i was definitely floored when i saw that he bought those velvet pumps.

insert i love you here. :D

more updated on what happened to this week.

Let me tell you this: nothing makes a broken woman feel more beautiful than to have a man swoop in and push her up against a wall to tell her how much better she is than that. To kiss her, I mean really kiss her, regardless of what she might think about that.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cause my bf couldn't take me to Moalboal this weekend

he bought me these shoes! :D
*cause me bee ep is better than yours :p

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 words,english.. or not

-pending promotion
-purrrfect boyfriend
-haagen dazs
-red ribbon
-- black forest
-gonuts donuts
--strawberry donut
-bo's coffee
--brewed TALL
-laugh trip
--SRB concert
-no outsiders!
-metro grocery

and lastly..


Monday, August 24, 2009

an excerpt i found in

it all started out as me looking forward to you annoying me....
a year ago has passed and now, we are OFFICIALLY together.
yes, life couldn't get any better chibbi.. lalab

"We are just friends. Several times now, I have fallen asleep intertwined with you. Cheek to cheek, even lip to lip--just feeling your breath on my skin. We go no further. Today we went for a walk after a summer pour, and I could feel the warm steam rising from the streets. Now tonight, I sleep alone. It's probably healthy because when I'm tangled up with you I can hardly sleep at all. I spend the whole night on fire, quietly smoldering most of the time. Except when you pull me closer and rub your soft scruffle up and down my neck and chest. Or when you grab me by the hip bone and sink your thumbs into my flesh, sending electric chills up and down my body.Or when you pull me into you, sliding your fingers down my spine until they press the small of my back (chills, again). Or when your lips find the back of my neck and you mumble about how good I smell. Those are the times that the smoldering gives way to a blazing flare and all I can do is hope for a nap the next day.

But not tonight. You're there and I'm here. I could never tell you this, but every night your body isn't pressed against mine, I have to pack pillows around myself just to fall asleep. But we are just friends, and I'm sure you sleep fine without me." - A

Friday, August 21, 2009


..of what happened today

1. Woke up early to have a Voice-Over Recording at Brian's studio in Horseshoe Drive, Banawa. Apparently, my voice (yeah the squeakiness of it) will be used as a brrr, voice over for our new audio-visual presentation RE: The Persimmon-North Tower.
INSERT: I'd like to thank Laicca of Isee Productions for thinking of pimping me for other potential voice-over jobs. Extra racket is always appreciated. thank you

2. After the voice-over sideline, I went to Bo's (the terraces) and enjoyed my brewed coffee while basking on the not so summer heat. The heat of the sun felt good on my skin and I only noticed that old foreigners were looking at me when my boyfriend arrived.. strange.

3. Went to Timezone and watched some guy from Manila play Tekken with a beyond godlike streak.. Both of us got bored eventually and looked for something else to do. Rap decided to buy Shiraz and we ate at Dessert Factory.

4. SHIRAZ is the SMEXXXX. i got tipsy after a few sip and i totally passed out.. I woke up an hour later to find out that Rap passed out too.. After a few minutes, my whole left side got REALLY REALLY itchy and i panicked cause i'm sure ive been getting hives.

5. coo coo caa caa time with my boyfriend. Everything was well til i got home.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Scrabble with my Chibbi LURVE


THANK YOU RAPHAEL-for the wonderful HABAL HABAL drive. :)
let's go to your penthouse


Aboitizland-as a way of saying thank you to Cebu Bloggers Society and Skyscraper peeps, launched a FACEBOOK BLOGGER PARTY @ OUR Pristina North Clubhouse. Heavy Cocktails were served and LED lights plus Cebu trivia questions were asked to our Bloggers.
So You think you know CEBU? Here's FIRST BITE

it also served as a head's up to these bloggers for the upcoming launch of our 2nd tower- The Persimmon North

(with my brad)

NEEDLESS TO SAY- the event was a great success:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Toast to an impending good night

YES i will sleep over at your house tomorrow. YES we will be spending 2 days plus together. YES we will go to Abby's gig. YES we will clean your room

Thursday, August 6, 2009

no comprendo

i don't get it. We usually part in uber good terms every night and we even text til either of us fall asleep... til you bring up that topic (which will surely ruin our remaining hours and the NEXT DAY)
i don't get it

i'm confused. i don't know what i'm feeling right now anymore.
If you're such a big fan of regret, how i wish i turned you down last night since
you were the one who said NO in the first place.

I have a feeling that today and tomorrow will be a a bad day.

oh well, ill be off to ayala to buy vodka cruisers then.

amongst others. :D

Monday, August 3, 2009

While you are sleeping...again

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