Friday, August 31, 2007

don't talk to strangers

i am an extremely uber uber friendly person. by choice.
so don't blame me if i turn snotty on you because im friendly.but by choice.
not by circumstance.

take for an instance this situation:

i'm a sun subscriber and i get lotsa funny,sweet,scary, and corny jokes from all my friends. i save them and in turn, if i have the time (and load), i forward these messages from ALL of the sun people in my fone directory. note the fact that these are not just person to person messages, it's actually me to people who use sun.

so, in the middle of the night, i was really surprised when i got a message from this girl, with the initials of T.C (she's actually the sister of one of the "sikat pinay actress" in Manila. she was so angry because "i cant stop flirting with her bf" and "i cant get a bf of my own."

this is what i said "sorry, your bf is not my type. i prefer the short and slightly cooked ones. not the pale and lanky type"

and then she said :

wait, to be continued nalang. i have to update my quest sa PW

the aftermath

ryan's acquaintance party:

it's quite amazing how i used to underestimate the power of my press i.d.
not anymore.

last night i attended ryan's acquaintance party.with me knowing the fact that i didn't pay their party fee of 350.00. nonetheless, i was able to go inside (thank god for my id [redundant]) and i was also able to eat. i was even able to gobble up food way more than what ryan ate (of course, while he was watching the "movie",i was getting a morsel,which turned into senseless crumbs,without his knowledge)

the food was so~so (no right to complain dude, i got in there for free) and the desserts were okeeey.

what really irritated me was what happened AFTER the party.

ryan's dad actually said awhile ago (before the party) that if he (ryan) wants to be fetched,all he have to do is text him. and Mr. Raymund even gave him a pocket money for him to at least breathe easy. (and me too)

ok, so ryan decided not to go home and just drink with his i-barely-even-know-you friends. they are actually friends of Oz from other subjects. THAT WAS FINE BY ME. i have to go home anyway after his party.

NYHOO, so the party ended right? and it was raining hard. and all of his i-barely-even-knew-you friends were preparing to go to paseo. with just one car! and there were like, 8 of them! me oz ryan and joed excluded. my eyes really bulged out and i said "ry, musakay ta ani?" dude, the "car" was an owner type jeep!

i have nothing against those jeeps,mind you, it's just that wtfh where they thinking??!! there were 11-12 of us and they plan to just put us there in one effin jeep?

me: ry, ask them nalang aha cla mu adto para mg taxi ta then apas ka.
ry: bai, aha man ta inom? c24?paseo?
i-barely-even-know-you FRIENDSSSSSS: (just staring at ryan)

i just hate it when those kind of stuff happens. i mean, i cant take TANGA-NESS.

so that made me pissed. all you have to do is decide where to drink. and that also made me think that maybe, hehe, they don't want ryan to go with them. lol.
another thing. so they decided to drink at c24, and i said :no biggie, taxi ta didto then taxi ko pauli.

ryan: paseo man daw cla
nym:what?! i thought c24. wa claro oi. if i would've known that mga tanga na cla i could've just hailed a cab and leave you here. (silently fuming;thinking:why didn't you just text your dad na pa fetch ka den just go home and save money den spend it all tomorrow? saturday bitaw)
another thought: how come he wants to foce his laag anyway?!grr. if there's no "masterplan:; why cant he just go home?why does he have to force it? --mau lang cyag cyay mamugos ug laag.ako gani dli jud ko niya sugtan

added fact that it was way lisud to hail a cab at that area cause its in the middle of nrp(nowhere) so we were literally fighting with other people for cABS.

i was really pissed that i was biting my lips already. they hitched from me (ryan oz and joed) and they all decided to drink at cheavers ...

and i feel like beutching when they all went out to get another cab. so i bitched at the driver who listened to me mournfully.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Maybe it's because

i am naturally a selfish person. or a competitive one for that matter. i will exchange fame over achievement on any given day. but then, the ironic thing is, victory comes in private while humiliation occurs in public. maybe it's god's own way or screwing us (reader, we have a different god, so let's not argue on that matter).

today is friday; august 31,2006.
i am planning to crash ryan's acquaintance party.
crash is such a harsh word.

i'd get back on this after class. hello BA 110 (introduction to managing small business)
im thinking of cutting.again.

all you need is money and a good head between those lanky shoulders anyway...