Sunday, October 28, 2007

in time you look i will be gone. i think.

almost a month ago, after che2's graduation, i mean RIGHT after, me,che and kier decided to attend the job fair held at SM. i am going to graduate this march (unless some teachers would try to screw up my grades)

Dear Ms. Juezan, Nym Wales, CONGRATULATIONS!!!A door may have just opened for you!The following company has recognized your skill/s and work experience/s and is considering you for a possible job interview:Company Name: EMCICompany Description:We are one of the world¡¦s premier partners in content and knowledge management of information providers, online publishers, and global companies. We put premium on the quality of information being processed, custom-tailored to the client-partners¡¦ specific content delivery requirements.Position Title: TrainerJob Description:TrainingThe above company would like to know more of you by perusing your complete/detailed resume as it is currently stored in our Job Database.If you would like to release your resume to this company, please visit and click the APPROVE button to allow the above- mentioned company to view your resume. We wish you good fortune and sincerely hope that this opportunity will start you off on a wonderful career. Do you have friends whom you think can also benefit from our service? You can easily introduce them to our site by pointing them to you so much and good luck!Yours faithfully,

--(kapuy edit)

so i checked out this company (EMCI), cause i honestly can't remember applying for the said company. i was impressed. they are actually located in ayala avenue makati city. so i texted some of my friends who live there and they all said that it's cool if i live with them or whatever. but then i remembered the cost of living in manila (in general).. so i decided that if the salary is below 25k, i won't accept it.

by the way, would it be possible to get paid above 25k if you are a trainer?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

it doesn't make sense. at all

nym listening to richelle's mp4

nym: che, i can't believe this kelly clarkson, her song doesn't make sense at all. the lyrics are such a big tabboo.. who in their right mind would put the words "blanket,jacket and disposable" in their songs?

richelle: huh?

nym: listen ha i'll sing it.

"i hope you know i hope you know,
that this has nothing to do with you,
it's dis-po-sable, my selfish lies (insert missing lines here)
and i'm gonna miss you like a jacket that misses it's blanket.."

richelle: god nym, you are really getting old, it's not kelly clarkson, it's fergie.
nym:hey i'm still 10. as in fergie?fergieliscious? "my humps" way back the halo days?
richelle: "oo oie, and the lyrics goes like this--I hope you know, I hope you know That this has nothing to do with you It's personal, myself and I We've got some straightenin' out to do And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses the blanket..."
nym: oh wow, but i'm sure right with the "blanket"
richelle: **nosebleeds

practicality at it's worst-best.

i never regretted the fact that i didn't take up nursing. only god knows i don't have the patience. BUT i wanna be an embalmer. :)
wait, an embalmer by day and a bartender by night. :) the latter i can do because i know how to juggle bottles,flair tending so to speak, and to mix cocktails.

but be an embalmer? oh god yes i wanna be one.. maybe i could take up mortuary science somewhere and get a license.. then go to aussie..

so i told my friends about my plans and then they only had one thing to say:

"can't you just be an embalmer by night and bartender by day? i mean, there are actually few day bartenders but us knowing that where you've been this morning and with your filthy hands tending or mixing our drinks by night? that's horrible. you hate us."

moral lesson of the story:

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when you have to wake up at 5am, make sure your bags won't show. me loves dr. house. :)


i hate the weather.... if a girl has mood swings, then definitely, this weather has it's own.. i changed my outfit thrice today because the last time i checked, it was kinda cloudy and it was also drizzling. then after i took a bath it was sunny, so i have to change my outfit again.
aside from the house madness, this is making me ness. grrr....

something is wrong with my friendster.again. there's actually a one thou pics limit,yes? i was just fuckin fuckin irritated that when i tried uploading new pics, my limit maxed out. wtf?

blame it on the weather. ugh.

i look good in fuschia pink. so fuschia pink is the new black. i like. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

it's over

thank god it's over! my finals i mean...

and speaking of mean (in an entirely different sense) omfg omfg taxation was hell! i studied chapters 11-12-a (mind you, in every chapter there's actually 5 sub-chapters, so, blah.) and what came out was filing the BIR form 1701! (great, the people who reads my blog can relate anyway)
SO. it's over. but i don't feel relieved. at all.

cause of the fact that i'm actually graduating next year and i can't afford to fail. not even one subject. gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwd! and speaking of graduating.. i've been thinking of my future already (or the lack of it) and decided that i'll apply for qatar and phil. airlines.

which i did yesterday.

since i am sure i have the looks (filipina flight attendant= morena plus good set of teeth) so by the grace of god, i am hoping they would take into consideration that i have both.
confident, yes? smug.not.

i'm not really that "atat" to find a job, cause i know i can get any job i want if i really really want it.

but then i'm not sure what i want anymore. *sigh.. i'm getting indecisive again and i am sure as hell i dont want to be employed when the right job comes along.

Friday, October 5, 2007


i hate, and i mean, absolutely hate it when someone updates her/his blog by posting a song. it only goes to show that she lacks investment on her brains. what constitutes a perfect blog for me is a blog which doesn't necessarily have deep words or a meaningful discussion of what's in or wha't not, what's hot or what's not. i am more interested on a narration of what happened to that person's life or day. wtv. with a perfect (ok, nearly flawless) grammar and an attitude that goes with the blog. i can take a boring blog, or a redundant one.

but a copy+pasted song on a blog?????????? O.o

there's a couple beside me making out. and the "way buot" that i am, i was actually listening to their smacking noises.. sigh.
please. what a waste of DOTA playing time. which reminds me, my left forefinger is almost healed, so i can play lotsa now! y.e.h.e.y!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

and the stupidity of it all.

i can't play dota cause i have a huge ass cut in my left forefinger (sakto ba? basta the finger you use to point).
it %$#@#$##@@@ hurts even when i don't touch it.

so i'm actually typing my blog right now using everything but. it made me realize how i took this finger for granted. aggghhh!!! how am i gonna enjoy my zitti later if i feel like a multiple amputee!!!!????

**kissing my slot in the game for awhile

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ideal slash typical girlfriend. not.

i can never be a guy's typical girlfriend. sigh.

wherein a girl would rather sit back and watch her boyfriend play DOTA, me and my boyfriend would literally kill each other for that vacant seat.

wherein a girl would love to wear pink, skinny jeans and all those bangles, i just say "i'm a guy" and it's the end of the discussion.

wherein a girl would like to see every Adam Sandler movies, i'd rather watch anime online and laugh till I can't breathe.

wherein a girl would have girlfriend meetings and shop till they drop, i have "pungko2, batchoy sa kilid2" sessions with my best guy buds.

wherein a girl would rather spend the day on a spa or salon, i spend my day on sparring/boxing sessions with my boyfriend

wherein a girl on a saturday night would dress to kill and dance the night away in paseo, i am in gecube hollering who wants to play dota.

wherein a girl would insist that she is really random and cute and all that, i'd insist on my sexuality that i am really a guy, so i dont care. :)

i love being me. :)