Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sick Leaves. Tummy and UP

this update is not in chronological order.

a week ago, i wasn't able to go to work since i woke up at the middle of the night with a pain on the right side
of my head. I checked my temperature and noticed that i had a slight fever. I took one Tylenol and went back to sleep
thinking it would be gone in the morning.
Few minutes before 6, I woke up again cause my tummy hurts like hell. I also found out that my temperature got worse.
I decided to inform my TL that I wont be working since I've never had fever and diarrhea at the same time.

(insert non sequitor pic here.haha)

I was at home the whole day sleeping and not wanting to eat anything. I only got up to go to the restroom.
Six Times to do Number Two.
I was extremely sure that I was dehydrated at that time because of my frequent visits to the restroom but I am
too tired to do anything but sleep. My rents are out so I was left alone at home.. I wanna get well so bad and fast that I took
2 Mfenamic Acids, 2 Advils and 2 tablespoons of pepto bismol. i know i know, I should've had myself checked first but I'm a
pill popper-so there.

Mom came home later than usual cause she has to complete her Sto.NiƱo novena. Since it was unusual for me to be THAT sick, she
decided to have me admitted to the hospital. I have no signs of OD, and the headache is already gone so I just said no.

Friday morning, I was feeling waay better, the headache and fever is already gone and there's just only a slight crampy feeling in my
tummy, but nevertheless, I called in sick cause my condition might get worse. It really got me thinking that I MIGHT have
amoeba-I'm really good at diagnosing myself.

Last week ragyud ko nakatanaw ug UP. People weren't exaggerating when they told me that it's a very touching story. I so totally
love the love story of Carl and Ellie (well, except the part when they can't have kids anymore and when Ellie died). I love the
fact that they have this special place that they go to every now and then. The movie inspire me to have my LITTLE ADVENTURE Scrapbook.

more chikas as soon as i get over my temper. food awaits.

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